100+ Christmas Gifts, Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

Are you looking for some Christmas gifts? Don’t know what to get for Christmas? Among these 100+ Christmas gift ideas you will definitely find the right gift (number 26 is fabulous).

Start reading those for everyone, which are suitable for anyone, then move on to those specific to men, women, children or personalized and original ones .

Below are the links that take you directly to the Christmas gift section that interests you the most.


What to give for Christmas?Looking for other Christmas gift ideas?What to give for Christmas for him?What to get your boyfriend for Christmas?What to give for Christmas for her?What to get your girlfriend for Christmas?What to get your best friend for Christmas?What to get parents for Christmas?What to get Mom for Christmas?What to get Dad for Christmas?What to get children for Christmas?What to give for Christmas on a budget?Last minute Christmas gift ideas

What to give for Christmas? Portable smartphone printer

Handy and small in size, this compact smartphone printer is the ideal gift for anyone who takes a lot of photos, especially for Instagram lovers.

Moleskine Smart Writing

This fantastic device allows you to transfer all the notes taken in pen from the paper page to the screen of your phone […]

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Baptism gift ideas, here’s what to give

Are you looking for gift ideas for the baptism of a boy or a girl? Not sure what to give?

Just to prevent even the newborn from noticing that you didn’t bring a small gift because you think you can’t find the right one, here are some perfect ideas.

Originals Diaper cake

The diaper cake is a very fashionable christening gift, beautiful to look at but above all, very useful!

Diaper cakes are becoming more and more viral, not only for their aesthetics, but for their usefulness. A mountain of diapers built with a nice note, but which in the first months of the baby’s life will be the most appreciated gift that can be given.

If you’ve really come to the conclusion that you have no idea what to give, focus on the objects that a newborn needs the most and play with them by creating something nice.

Personalized Chocolates

Surprise everyone by personalizing chocolates with the baby’s photo, his name and the date of his baptism. It will be a sweet surprise.

Footprint frame

Among the many gifts for baptism, if you want to do something more original, you could look for frames to leave the footprints and hands of the boy or […]

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Wedding gift ideas

Here are some wedding gift ideas for all budgets. So if the bride and groom don’t make a wedding list, it will be a little easier to find the perfect gift to celebrate their wedding, including original gifts, experiences and much more… even taking into account their economic possibilities.

First, always take a look at the wedding list of the bride and groom.

Here are all the gifts they need or want, and they are certainly much appreciated gift ideas (since they have chosen them).

If you want to go without fail, choose a gift from their wedding registry.

Otherwise, there are plenty of wedding gifts out there. Here are some ideas.


Original wedding giftsDIY wedding gift ideasClassic wedding gift ideasCash, envelope and gift certificates

Original wedding gifts

Are you looking for an original wedding gift? Something different from the classic wedding gift, something that can amaze the newlyweds? Here are some possible ideas.


I love experiences, they give emotions and memories that last for a lifetime. Why not give away some couple experience to start their new life together in the best possible way?

Hot air balloon

A balloon flight is something extraordinary. A fantastic experience that anyone should try at least once in […]

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100+ Graduation gift ideas: here’s what to give to the new graduate

Are you looking for graduation gift ideas because you don’t know what to give to the new graduate? 

Then you should look right now at these 100+ gifts, you will surely find what you are looking for without stressing yourself further.

Graduation is undoubtedly a fundamental milestone in the life of every individual, as it is the last step before jumping into the world of work and thus starting a new phase of life.

That’s why it’s very important to celebrate this milestone not only to have a memory, but also to celebrate the commitment and passion of a person who has given all of herself to achieve her goals.


Graduation gifts for herGraduation gifts for himPerfect graduation gifts for every person

Graduation gifts for her

Here are some graduation gifts that are sure to make a girl happy.

A set of jewels

A jewelry set is the kind of gift it is a rather classic gift, which suits every woman perfectly.

Even if at first glance it may seem like a rather common and unoriginal choice, you have to think that every time an important milestone is reached, such as an eighteenth birthday or the reception of a […]

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100+ Anniversary Gifts: the list of ideas

Are you looking for anniversary gifts because you don’t know what to give? To save your life and not drive you crazy, we have collected 100+ anniversary gift ideas, a day when you will celebrate the love you feel for your partner.


All Anniversary GiftsName a starPersonalize some chocolatesLove weekendLightbox lampDinnerExperiencesA romantic dinnerRelaxPhoto and videoMovie nightPersonalized wine bottleA good bookNetflix subscriptionLeather walletMen’s fragranceWristwatchHeadphones for music or recordsPersonalized lighterProfessional beer tapSmartphonesHandmadeJewelsClothingSave at the lastA bunch of red roses

All Anniversary Gifts

The ideal gift?

Take the time.

You are caught up in this too hectic life that you are unable to carve out some time for the well-being of the couple.

An hour, an afternoon, a day, a weekend away from stress, work and daily commitments can be the perfect gift.

Name a star

If you are looking for a symbolic but very original gift, give a star, giving it the name of your love. 

In addition to the certificate of originality, you will also receive a pendant engraved with the coordinates of the star itself. 

Every time she looks at the sky she will always think of you.

Personalize some chocolates

Does your sweetheart love chocolate? Then you could personalize some […]

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Gift ideas for 18 years

Looking for an 18th birthday gift but just can’t find the right one? Don’t go crazy! Here are many 18th birthday gift ideas that will save your life and make the new adult happy.

An advice? If possible, pool the money with other guests to have a larger budget. Your wallet and the birthday boy will thank you.


All gifts for 18 yearsSurprise himTechnologyExperiencesCarVacationHis passions…JewelsClothing and AccessoriesOther

All gifts for 18 years

Surprise him

Do you want to give an original gift , something that is not expected in the slightest?

Name a star, giving it the name of the birthday boy. A symbolic but original gift, which he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Every time she looks at the sky she will always think of you.

And how about personalizing chocolates with the number 18, and with your photos? It’s a very cute idea, also great for party decoration.

Have you been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time but couldn’t before 18? Well, now is the right time to give her her first tattoo, one of the most important that she will ever get.

You could accompany the gift with a Light Box Lamp, which you […]

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Gift ideas for birthday

You’re looking for a birthday present and you don’t know which way to turn, right? It’s always the same story every year. You have no ideas, you don’t know where to look so you buy the first gift that comes to hand.

But be careful. The recipient, whether he, she, man, woman, friend, dad, mom, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, boy, girl or work colleague, expects to receive a gift on his or her birthday that will strike, something original, particular, something that can excite him.

So we decided to help you find the perfect gift, offering you lots of birthday gift ideas that are unique, original, classic, fun, of all prices and for all tastes. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts for him, birthday gifts for her, or for any other person dear to you, we’ll help you find it, so you can save time and above all stress.


All Birthday GiftsExperiences to giveBirthday gift ideas for himBirthday gift ideas for herBirthday gift ideas for childrenOriginal birthday giftsPersonalized ChocolatesGift ideas at bargain pricesCheap birthday present

All Birthday Gifts

Birthday is always a special occasion and as such should be celebrated in the best possible way.

In this article we will try […]

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Female Friend gift ideas, 100+ gifts for best friend

You don’t know what to give to a female friend or best friend for her birthday or for another important occasion?

Don’t worry, below you will find 100+ gift ideas for a friend to surprise her and make her happy, even “if she already has everything”.


All the gifts for a friendGifts for your best friendOriginal gift ideas for a friendWhat to give to a friend who has everything?For a friend who loves wellnessFor a friend who loves to travelFor a TV-series addicted friendFor a friend who loves to wear makeupFor a friend who loves clothing and jewelryFor a friend who loves to cookFor a friend who loves musicFor a sports friendWhat to get your best friend for her 18th birthdayWhat to give a friend with 20 euros?What can I get my best friend for Christmas?

All the gifts for a friend Gifts for your best friend Bracelet

A simple bracelet to wear every day, but with a big text: ‘Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there’. You may not always be able to be close to her, but she will always have you with her.

Give a […]

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Gift ideas for sister: all the possible ideas

Are you looking for a unique and fun gift for your beloved sister?

We’ll take care of this! We want to help you with lots of gift ideas, suitable for all budgets and never trivial. Here are some gift ideas for sister for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, congratulations or just to say thank you.

Finally you won’t have to go crazy to find the perfect gift, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Birthday, graduation or without any occasion, giving a gift can be difficult and stressful. But you certainly know your sister’s tastes perfectly, so we want to give you some nice and original ideas to surprise her.

In fact, to give an appreciated gift it is not necessarily necessary to have a high budget, for this reason we want to offer you gift ideas of different price ranges to choose from.

Let’s see together some cute and certainly appreciated ideas!

1. An afternoon at the spa

A relaxing cuddle for you and your sister in an afternoon at the spa is an original idea.

In every city it is possible to find wellness centers equipped for an afternoon to spend together in the name of relaxation.

Let us guide you in choosing the […]

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Gift ideas for Mom: all the possible ideas

Here is a complete list of all the gift ideas you can give your mum for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, … Give her a nice surprise without having to go crazy!!!


For a mom who likes clothingSurprise her!For a mother who loves accessoriesFor a mum who likes to travelFor a mom who likes to cookFor a mom who loves to readFor a mother looking for relaxation and care for her bodyFor a tech momFor a sporty momFree timeFor a mother who… everything elseFor a mother who likes gifts made with the heart

For a mom who likes clothing

Gift her a piece of clothing. There are so many items of clothing that you will surely find something to suit his tastes (don’t just think about yours;)).

Immediately after clothes, what are women in love with? Shoes. Even if traction says shoes should never be given as gifts, find me a woman who wouldn’t appreciate them and she’d say she’s had enough already. This also applies to your mother, don’t be afraid to give her a beautiful jeweled sandal, a décolleté or a pair of boots.

Among the mom gift ideas, I suggest you look among these thousands of shoes for […]

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