100+ Christmas Gifts, Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

Are you looking for some Christmas gifts? Don’t know what to get for Christmas? Among these 100+ Christmas gift ideas you will definitely find the right gift (number 26 is fabulous).

Start reading those for everyone, which are suitable for anyone, then move on to those specific to men, women, children or personalized and original ones .

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What to give for Christmas?

Portable smartphone printer

Handy and small in size, this compact smartphone printer is the ideal gift for anyone who takes a lot of photos, especially for Instagram lovers.

Moleskine Smart Writing

This fantastic device allows you to transfer all the notes taken in pen from the paper page to the screen of your phone in real time thanks to the Moleskine Notes app.

Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is perfect for anyone who needs to charge their smartphone every day (even several times a day). Just place your smartphone on it and it will start recharging, without the need to have cables (and adapters) around the house.

Charging Station in Wood

A very nice smartphone charging station. Also excellent as a pocket emptier and to leave all the objects you use the most in order.

Brilliant calendar

A calendar for the new year, but enriched with philosophical and motivational phrases to smile, dream and start a new day on the right foot.

Echo Dot Alexa

A smart speaker that becomes a virtual assistant, capable of playing songs, singing songs, telling you the weather today, reminding you of tasks, setting alarms and reminders and much more.

Also very convenient for turning on and off the home lights and other devices if compatible (such as the new Smart TVs).

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones are great! Goodbye to the annoying problem of cable tangling everywhere and attractive design.

Fire Sticks

A device that allows you to transmit videos and other multimedia content from your smartphone to your home TV, even if it’s not a Smart TV. Great gift idea for Christmas.

Fitness Monitoring Bracelet

You could give the activity tracker, a bracelet to monitor physical activity, a little thinner and with fewer features than the Smartwatch, but equally appreciated.

Aroma Diffuser

An aroma and essential oil diffuser will be perfect for giving warmth to a room, creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

Dixit Board Game

Dixit, an adorable board game, perfect for young and old. A card and storytelling game that focuses on the imagination, you will laugh a lot.

Instant camera

Give a vintage touch with this instant camera perfect for capturing shots of life and immediately have them at hand as a souvenir.

Personalized Chocolates

Love chocolate? Then have the chocolates personalized with writings and your photos. You will surprise him with taste!

Give a star

Among the most popular original Christmas gift ideas, if the recipient is a romantic, then ‘give a star’ by giving it its name, a symbolic but highly effective gift.

You will receive a certificate containing the astronomical coordinates of its star, a celestial map on which it is possible to identify it more easily and a pendant or key ring engraved with the name of the constellation and the coordinates of the star itself. Every time he looks at the sky, he will always think of you.

Babbel – Learn new Language

Help him learn or master a new language with Babbel. It allows in a more playful and light way to improve the learning of a language. Do you happen to know someone who needs to learn English better?


By now smartphones have almost become an extension of our body, a very useful tool that we use all 365 days of the year.

The price is high, it is true, but the potential is truly enormous, they easily replace cameras, mp3 players, diaries, video cameras and much more, but they are also excellent for organizing events or meeting friends.

Surely it will be a much appreciated Christmas present. The most popular are the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy .

Smartphone support

Never know where to put your smartphone while following a recipe or watching a video? This smartphone stand is really gorgeous.

Wearable blanket

The softness of a blanket with the fit of an oversized blanket. It will keep you warm while you are watching TV on the sofa, playing video games, using your laptop.

Star Wars 3D Optical Illusions Lamp

A lamp capable of reproducing Death Star + R2-D2 + Millennium Falcon, perfect for diehard Star Wars fans, but also for children.

iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner

Give free time thanks to an excellent Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Isn’t time the most precious thing we have? Then give it away! The time that the recipient of the gift normally spends vacuuming the floors, he can use it to do what he loves (perhaps even spending time with you!).

Bose SoundLink

Bose portable speakers are the top of the range for those who love listening to high quality music. Perfect to leave at home, but also practical to take them on holiday.


One of the most appreciated Christmas gifts is certainly the smartwatch, a real smart watch, capable of providing technological functions such as:

Running guidance, training tips and exercise feedback
Intelligent sleep analysis
Notifications for messages, calls, alarms and reminders – all on your wrist
Real-time heart rate monitoring
I loved it!

Nintendo Switch

Are you looking for a console for the whole family? Something interactive, where you have to move to play? The Nintendo Switch console could be the ideal gift. For anyone.

TV backlight LED strip

This colorful LED strip is suitable for backlighting your TV. Easily dim or brighten over 16 million colors.

LCD Drawing Tablet with Stylus

The LCD tablet you can write or draw whatever you like thanks to the stylus provided. Perfect for use as a post-it, notepad, notebook and children’s drawing pad.

Charging station

With all these technological devices, there are no more free sockets at home. This charging station solves all problems and keeps everything tidy.

Acrylic paint set + easel

Do you love art or would you like him to start being passionate about it? This is a practical set to start painting, consisting of a frame, paints, brushes and canvas.

Headband with integrated speakers

A headband with integrated earphones to listen to music without disturbing anyone and without having dangling wires around. Suitable for sleeping, for the gym or for physical activity.

Touchscreen gloves for smartphones

These touchscreen gloves are perfect for those who often find themselves having to use their smartphone outdoors in winter, and don’t want to freeze their hands by taking off the classic gloves every time.

Thermal bottle

Help improve the environment by using as little plastic as possible by reducing the use of plastic bottles. This water bottle is perfect at home, school, in the car, work, travel or vacation. Fill it with water, coffee, tea, juice or any other beverage. Keeps cold for 24 hours and hot for 12


A cross between a laptop and a smartphone, the tablet could be the perfect device to watch a TV series comfortably on the sofa or while travelling. Among the popular ones we find the famous iPad and the Galaxy Tab.

2-in-1 Convertible PC

A real laptop but with the ability to detach the keyboard and become a practical tablet. Excellent.

Tablet stand support

Never know where to put your tablet while following a recipe or watching a TV series? This tablet stand is gorgeous and affordable.

Online Streaming Subscriptions

Among the many technology-themed Christmas gift ideas, you could aim for something simple and immediate, one of the most popular subscriptions for online platforms, such as:

Amazon Prime Videos
Youtube Premium

In short, if you don’t know what to give for Christmas but you want to make a good impression, one of these subscriptions could be the solution to all problems.


Surely if someone still has an old TV (telefunken style), the right time has come to give them a new model, better if Smart TV. There are all types and all sizes.


If you want to exaggerate with the dimensions, the video projector is fine, but only for those who have large white walls on which to project.

Laptop computer

Do you have an old or slow computer? Does he really not have it? Maybe it’s time to buy a new laptop. Very trendy are HP and Apple MacBooks

Among the most popular Christmas gift ideas given to people dear to us, the computer is certainly one of the most chosen. It is a constantly evolving product and you can find it at all prices and for all uses (those who only have to go on the internet will not need a computer costing thousands of euros). Personally I love laptops because you can move them wherever you want (which is not feasible with a desktop PC) and you can always take them with you, by train, by car, by plane… even on vacation (just to watch movies).

Since it doesn’t cost €10 for a laptop and it’s a fairly personal thing, I recommend asking the recipient first which model they would like… better not to risk it 🙂

Apple iMac

An all-in-one desktop computer. Top-of-the-range performance. Innovative design typical of Apple products. All in all, a fantastic device.

Of all the possible Christmas gifts, with a technological one you will almost certainly hit the mark. So, also check out all the tech gift ideas  and gift ideas for iPhone lovers.


For those who appreciate listening to music and movies in excellent quality, the soundbar offers a fantastic home cinema experience with surround sound.

Record player

The turntable is back in fashion, it gives vintage-style sound in memory of the old days.

Portable coffee machine

A portable machine for making coffee on vacation, in the car, on the boat or in the office.

Magnetic Car Holder

Compact and lightweight, it won’t take up too much space. Ideal as a smartphone holder for cars.

Digital piggy bank

For serial savers, but also for children who need to start understanding the value of saving. The digital piggy bank automatically counts and displays the value of all saved money.

Instagram consultancy

For those who are super obsessed with the world of social networks, likes and followers, among the gifts to give at Christmas you could think of professional advice to understand how to grow your social profile. It is something original and useful, which he or she may never buy for himself.

Social Media Management Course

You could give guides or paid courses on how to manage your social image, or applications that allow you to better edit the photos that are taken to use them on social media.
What can you give for Christmas? A bit of healthy relaxation .

Relaxing massage

Christmas is the right time to give a relaxing moment. A nice massage is just what you need.

Day in a Wellness Center

If a massage seems little to you, you could give a day in a wellness center as a gift, perfect for releasing all tension and regenerating.

There are also gift boxes to give away a wellness stay or classic relaxation for two, throughout Italy.

Harry Potter Snitch Lamp

For all fans of the most famous wizard Harry Potter, this is a decorative lamp representing the golden snitch of quidditch.

Chocolate fountain

Home sweet home… and why not focus on a nice (and good) chocolate fountain?Find out more
Coffee machine

If you’re always there to snag a coffee, but this is still prepared with a moka pot (nothing to take away from the moka pot!), how about aiming for some coffee machine?

Bialetti colored coffee glasses

Is the coffee machine too expensive? Try a nice set of coffee cups.

Mug with cookie pocket

Speaking of the cookie tray, who hasn’t ever wanted to be able to eat peacefully on the sofa? Here’s an original idea, a wonderful mug with space for a biscuit.

Guitar Wall Hanger

A coat rack in the shape of an electric guitar, perfect for true rockers.

Canvas Print New York

Does the recipient have free walls? How about a nice painting on canvas? Is gorgeous.

vinyl look coasters

If you love music, take a look at these vinyl-shaped coasters, perfect for decorating a table.

Wine Decanter with Goblets

If he likes red wine, a uniquely shaped decanter could be a great Christmas gift idea.

Rocking whiskey glasses

Are you looking for a little originality? Look at these swinging glasses, how strange!

Sushi sets

For sushi lovers, give them the chance to make them at home with a decent shape (we can’t help you with the taste).

Sushi course

Love sushi? For Christmas give a sushi class! Maki, Uramaki, Nighiri and Sashimi will have no more secrets.

Weekend in Venice

Give a weekend in Venice, an enchanting and romantic city. A true Italian jewel.

Models for a day

A professional photographic service complete with book. True professionals will think about the lights and a style suitable for whoever takes the photos, and who knows, maybe it could become something more than a simple whim.

Kindle PaperWhite

If the recipient loves to read, you can try the digital book reader, suitable for everyone, even non-technological people and aficionados of printed paper.

Why? Because it has many advantages. The recipient can carry hundreds of books with them at the same time, in a very small space and at a very advantageous price.

Book to read

If, on the other hand, you don’t trust or are afraid that the appeal of paper is too strong, well, you can give any book as a gift, perhaps concerning his passions.

Invisible shelf for books

Don’t know where to put your books anymore? This invisible shelf for books could be very interesting.

Canon SLR camera

The gift that all aspiring photographers would like? A reflex camera.

Smartphone lens

If the enthusiast also uses smartphones a lot, then you could get a smartphone lens, he will be very happy 🙂

8 photography lessons

What? is it still in its infancy? So give him a course in photography,

Digital frame

And after all these photos, why not give a digital frame where you can show them?


If you have the money and a certain relationship, you can think of giving a nice holiday, nothing will be more appreciated 🙂 Even just a weekend would be enough to switch off.

Neck Massager

Relax him with the electric neck massager.

Cinema subscription

Love movies? You could give away a prepaid cinema card with 5 admissions.

TV series box set

Do you know that he loves a particular TV series? Then give him the original box set.

Looking for other Christmas gift ideas?

Try the cookie-shaped USB cup warmer to always have hot tea.

USB heating gloves

For a person who is sensitive to the cold and who works a lot on the computer, USB hand warming gloves can be a nice idea.

Christmas basket

And what do you think of the classic Christmas baskets? They are always welcome gifts, easy to find and full of good things 🙂 .

Alternatively, how about giving an experience at Christmas , it’s an appreciated and alternative gift, and you don’t even have to go crazy to find it 🙂

Casa Nuova couple wooden keychain

If the time has come to renew your key ring, this one is very original.

Retrieve Keys

If you always lose your keys, this key finder is perfect.

Cork globe

And if he’s always travelling, a cork globe on which he can mark all his stops will be an excellent gift idea for Christmas.

Cushion with built-in speaker

A pillow with built-in speaker that connects to an audio source (your smartphone) and plays music inside the pillow.

Arduino starter kits

Ideal for geeks and electronics enthusiasts. With the Arduino kit, you can start making 15 basic projects.

Escape Room

Locked inside a room, you will have to find clues and solve puzzles to unlock the locks that will allow you to escape. Wonderful experience to do in company.

Clocky: the running alarm clock

If when the alarm goes off he never gets out of bed immediately, and maybe stays there for the whole morning, with the Clocky alarm clock he will no longer have this problem.

As soon as she starts playing she’ll be walking around the room and to turn it off, well, you have to get out of bed!

Photo shoot with animals

Do you have one or more pets and do you love them? A photo shoot with animals is an original idea that will leave great memories. Do you have one or more pets and do you love them? A photo shoot with animals is an original idea that will leave great memories.

Cordless Electric Broom

Cleaning the house is often a hassle. Why not try to make this moment less tiring and easier? This electric broom is cordless so you don’t have the wire in your way, and then it’s very light compared to the old vacuum cleaners. Very useful.

Smartphone covers

Surely, you could personalize the cover of your Smartphone with a photo, a nice and quite cheap idea. The photo doesn’t necessarily have to be of you and the recipient, but it can be a simple place you hold dear, or a place you’ve been to, or a photo you’ve taken together.

Photo print on canvas

Have your important photo printed on canvas, a spectacular effect and a great decoration for his room or home.

Book lamp

A foldable book-shaped LED lamp, a cute idea for reading enthusiasts, suitable for decorating a room.

Custom Calendar with Photo

New year, new calendar… but let it be a customizable calendar.

What to give for Christmas for him?

Don’t know what to give to a man or a boy? In addition to the ideas proposed on this same page, here’s what you could do.

Playstation 5

The desire to have fun never leaves us, why not give a PlayStation 5 console for Christmas? The pinnacle of video games.

Playstation 5 game

Has the console already given itself as a gift? Then give him a PlayStation 5 game.

Smartphone Holder for Bikes

A practical support for bike enthusiasts, to always have your smartphone at hand and see all the statistics or driving directions during your ride.

Beard collection towel

Tired of finding his hair all over the bathroom when he shaves? This practical beard towel could be your salvation… and his too!

Shaving Set

Does he love his beard that much? This set has everything you need to take care of it. Very nice.

Star Wars Jedi bathrobe

For the true aficionado, this Star Wars Jedi style bathrobe is the ultimate.Find out more
Are you looking for something for him that will leave his mark? Then he looks at some experience.

Driving a Ferrari on the track

Give a dream, give him the opportunity to drive a real Ferrari on the track, a fantastic emotion!

Balloon flight

If you want to give something original and alternative, a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience, one that is rarely experienced.

Bungee jumping

Do you love to do reckless things? Let him experience the thrill of bungee jumping.

Flight experience as a pilot

Do you love flying and the whole world of planes? Let him experience the thrill of flying a real plane.

Smartboxes and other boxes also offer very similar gift ideas.


And if you love adrenaline, an action camera like the GoPro could be ideal for making videos and taking pictures anywhere (even underwater or in the sky at 2000 meters).

Quadrocopter drone with HD camera

Another interesting idea could be the quadcopter with video camera, a remote-controlled four-propeller helicopter that also mounts a video camera, perfect for shooting from above or just for some fun.


Among the life-saving Christmas gift ideas, surely a piece of clothing is the right, useful and time-saving gift. To fight against the cold, a nice  wool sweater never hurts. In general, the usual gifts are always valid, such as t-shirts, shirts , belts , underwear , sweatshirts, jackets , scarves , trousers and  shoes … We also recommend that you go to an H&M, Zara store.

Watch box

If you are a watch lover, this watch box will allow you to have everything in order.

Men’s perfume

Give it a touch of class, a high quality men’s perfume, the kind that leave an elegant trail when it passes.

Philips OneBlade

Ok, the Philips OneBlade electric beard trimmer is not one of the most original gifts you can give him, but if it has more than 30,000 positive reviews, there will be a reason.

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What to get your boyfriend for Christmas?

In addition to all the other ideas proposed on this same page, you could think of giving away:

Rainbow Socks Pizza

Pizza Socks Box is a proposal for fans of colorful and crazy socks, with a design that recalls our beloved pizza. For brave (and original) guys.

I CLIPS Portfolio

An elegant wallet, small, light, comfortable to carry and with a design to hold banknotes and cards.

Game Arcade Consoles

For kids who love to play retro video games, this mini console will take them back a few years.

Write a song

Do you want to dedicate some words to him and you don’t know how to do it? Try writing him a song of your own, and maybe even sing a tune. Something simple but that will remain yours.

Massage oil and candle set

Love to cuddle and relax? Dare with this massage set, which includes massage oil and candle, put some relaxing music in the background and enjoy this magical time.

Wall photo frame

Has your story been going on for a while and do you have any photos to spare? Give a keepsake of your love story with this beautiful frame, perfect for decorating her room.

DIY Photo Album

Otherwise you could collect the photos in an original photo album, and you could tell your story within these pages.

Piglet Couple Keychain

Do you want to make a little thought? Check out this couple keychain with two kissing pigs how cute!

Mr and Mrs Ceramic Mugs

You live toghether? These Mister and Miss couple mugs are very nice to start the day right.

Joystick chocolate bar

For boyfriends who like playing playstation and are also chocolate lovers, this could be an idea to hit him with taste.

Acqua Di Gio Armani

The timeless Acqua di Giò perfume by Giorgio Armani always has its charm.

What to give for Christmas for her?

Don’t know what to get a girl for Christmas? Or to a woman? Don’t worry, in this tour you will be able to find the right idea and surprise her thanks to the Christmas gift ideas that you find on this same page.

A Night in the Castle

Give a fabulous stay in one of the many castles in Italy. Treat yourself to relaxation in refined and fairy-tale settings, with canopy beds and precious paintings hanging on the walls.

Hair salon

Give her the opportunity to change the look or to do a new color, give a voucher for the hairdresser or take care of it (if you are capable).


Give a voucher for a treatment at the beautician, or offer yourself as an improvised beautician.

Nail reconstruction set

For women who like to take care of their hands, the DIY nail set is also suitable if you are a beginner.

Manicure and Pedicure set

Among the Christmas gift ideas for her, a manicure and pedicure set is perfect, to obtain a result like in a beauty salon.

Bio Anti-aging Face Serum

An anti-aging serum made in Italy, ideal for the eye contour but also for the face, neck and décolleté. It is enriched with ingredients known for their anti-wrinkle and anti-spot action. It absorbs immediately for an immediate super moisturizing and plumping action.

Makeup Products

If she loves to wear makeup, any makeup product will do just fine.

Makeup organizer

Do you leave all your makeup around the house? Help her tidy up, ideal for having a perfect make-up station.

Corrector for Dark Circles and Small Wrinkles

A concealer to cover dark circles and small wrinkles, perfect for “erasing” age.

Nail Polish Dryer Monkey

Simply, dry the freshly applied nail polish on your nails, but with a monkey look.Find out more
Let’s move on to clothing , well, here you can indulge yourself, anything is fine, so, buy buy buy 🙂

Remember that women particularly love accessories , so look at the bags , rings , bracelets ,  earrings but don’t forget the shoes (with heels). You could give her a dress , a shirt , a sweatshirt , a coat , a shirt , or underwear .

Women’s bag

Bags are never enough. If you don’t know what to give a woman for Christmas, a nice bag can get you out of trouble.

Purse organizer

If her purse is like Mary Poppins, with this purse organizer she’ll have no more trouble finding things.

Tree jewelry box

Do you like accessories and love jewels but no longer know where to put them? This tree is perfect as a jewelery holder.

Women’s perfume

Guessing her new favorite fragrance will be tricky, but if you stick to hers and get her a new bottle, she’ll thank you.

Hair straightener

Ah, I almost forgot, the hair straightener!!! This year the Ghd straightener is a great idea for her!

Multifunction Kitchen Robot

Do you like to cook or do you do it every day? Come to her aid, there are excellent food processors that could drive her crazy 🙂 Not to mention if you want to amaze her with the very famous Thermomix!

Personal diary

For a change, you can give the old and dear good diary, where he can write down all the most important moments of his life.

Huge teddy bear

If you want to impress her, give her a 155cm tall teddy bear!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set

Love to relax? These essential oils are of the highest quality, natural and pure ideal for aromatherapy. They help promote optimism and happiness, and sharpen memory.

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What to get your girlfriend for Christmas?

In addition to all the other ideas you find on this same page, here’s what else you could make them.

Surprise Explosion Box Love

Collect and print all the photos you have taken and which tell your love story, insert it in this box with an explosive effect, add a little something to it (even her favorite chocolate is enough) and enjoy the expression on her face when will unwrap the gift.

Sushi socks

Only a girl in love will be happy to wear these beautiful sushi socks… and luckily your girlfriend is really in love.

Moon Lamp with Photo

A lamp that reproduces the moon and can be customized with your photo, perfect for decorating her room and to say goodnight every evening.

24-karat rose gold

A symbolic and romantic gift at the same time, a 24K gold rose can be an original way to say I love you to your girlfriend at Christmas.

Double Heart Necklace

A classic gift that always has its charm, a heart-shaped necklace, in this case a double heart, so that she can always have yours with her.

Kiss mug set

A symbolic cup that represents the two of you kissing, to start each day on the right foot, even if you cannot be close.

Personalized Lovers Scratch Card

A scratch card for lovers, it includes 6 customizable tickets (where you can write whatever you want for your love) and 6 scratchable labels to stick on.

Calendar Keychain with Date

A key ring with the calendar and the date of your choice, a symbol of your love (and perfect for never forgetting the important date).

Cotton candy machine

Love cotton candy? Give her this cotton candy machine and try to have fun together just like at the carnival.

Rose Beauty and the Beast

The rose from Beauty and the Beast with a glass dome and led lights. An eternal rose that never fades like your love.

Starry sky wall sticker

Give a suggestive ceiling that lights up at night like a starry sky, so before falling asleep, it will think of you.

Chupa Chups Flower Bouquet

Don’t forget to be found with a beautiful bouquet of flowers… or even better, chupa chups.

What to get your best friend for Christmas?

In addition to all the ideas proposed on this page, you could give away:

Friendship bracelet

An easy gift to give your best friend for Christmas could be a friendship bracelet, something simple that you can both wear. Better if personalized with your own writing.

A cup for distant best friends, to remind you every day that you are far away but still close.

Best Friends Cover

Personalize the cover of your two smartphones with your own graphics or with a ready-made one. It will be a little thought that binds you every single day and you will always have it with you.

Love unicorns and originality? These unicorn slippers are perfect for Christmas, they have that extra magical touch.

Illuminated Pocket Magnifying Mirror

A small mirror to keep in your purse, to put on make-up in any situation. Your friend will be grateful.

Unicorn Pajama Costume

Since she’s your friend, she won’t kill you for this gift. An unusual but magical pajamas, to wear during your pajama party evenings.

You don’t need to spend too much on a friend, rather focus on personalizing the gift. Try to let her know how much you care about her.

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What to get parents for Christmas?

In addition to all the ideas on this same page, you could give away:

Refractory stone for pizza

The refractory stone is perfect for all parents who prepare pizza at home, to cook it perfectly even in the classic oven. Also includes a wooden pizza board with a long handle.

Salami Guillotine Slicer

Do they love to eat salami? This salami slicer guillotine is truly original (and functional). You will always have the same and perfect slices, with minimum effort.

Bonsai kit to grow

An original kit to grow 3 varieties of bonsai: Silver Birch (Betula pendula), Red Maple (Acer rubrum) and Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo pumilio). Watching them grow up and then caring for them will give your parents a sense of satisfaction.

Family Tree Photo Frame

The family tree of your family where you can insert thumbnail photos, a nice and very simple idea.

3D Moon Lamp

A 3D lamp that reproduces the Moon, decorative for your parents’ home.

Gourmet Flower Kit

Here is everything you need to grow gourmet edible flowers that are suitable for sweet and savory dishes.

Modern Design Wine Bottle Holder

Never know where to put their prized bottles of wine? This wall bottle holder is truly original.

Smart Thermostat

Are you looking for a gift to transform your parents’ house into a smart and energy-efficient home? This smart thermostat learns your daily habits and automatically adjusts temperatures, reducing consumption and cutting bills.

UV sterilizer

A device that thanks to UV rays is able to disinfect small objects such as a smartphone. If you care about your parents’ health, this could help them.

What to get Mom for Christmas?

In addition to all the other ideas proposed on this same page, here’s what else you can give:

Necklace Mom I love you

A necklace engraved with “ Mum I Love You ” and “ Mum. Always be with You ” in two circular rings, elegant and to always carry with you.

Mom mug

A cup to express in words how you feel about your mum, nothing complicated, but it will go straight to the heart and she will enjoy it every day.

Guardian Angel Resin

A symbolic gift, a guardian angel who has always protected you until today: your mother.

Pandora Charms

Wearing a Pandora bracelet? Why not give her a special charm to personalize it with something of yours?

The extravagant vegetable kit

For a mom who loves to grow a small vegetable garden, here’s everything you need in one pack to grow 5 whimsical vegetables: purple carrots, red brussels sprouts, striped tomatoes, yellow zucchini and multicolored chard.

Makeup Mirror with Light

If you usually wear make-up, this mirror with LED light allows you to have different degrees of magnification to be able to see all the details of your make-up, hair and face, excellent for applying eyeliner and mascara.

Yankee Candle Christmas Gift Box

With this set of 8 Christmas candles from the famous Yankee Candle brand, you can give a more fragrant touch to your home, creating a serene and magical Christmas atmosphere.

Bath bombs

Do you love to take a bath? These bath bombs are made with only natural organic ingredients like Shea Butter, they smell heavenly and nourish your skin.

Scented Candles Set

A little gift for Christmas could be a set of Christmas-themed candles, made with 100% natural, biodegradable and ecological soy wax.

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What to get Dad for Christmas?

In addition to all the other ideas proposed on this same page, you could give your father:

Sofa table

A practical sofa table, to be able to place drinks, food, but above all the computer on it if you usually watch videos or movies from your laptop.

Wireless speaker for the shower

Does she sing her heart out when she’s in the shower? Then this wireless speaker for the shower will be perfect.

The Light Uncorks and Illuminates

Turn bottles into lamps in 30 seconds, without having to punch holes in the bottle. He can create a beautiful lamp with his favorite bottle to display in the living room.

AirPods case with keychain

Use your AirPods headphones and always lose them? This practical case also allows you to use it as a key ring or to hook it wherever you want, so as to never lose it again.

Father Daughter figurine

A figurine representing a father and his daughter (there is also with his son or more children). Great to show off proudly in the living room.

Star Wars laser mug

This Star Wars laser mug is a great idea for any Star Wars fan. By adding a hot drink, the lightsabers of all the main characters will appear on the mug.

Mechanical pocket watch

For a vintage dad, a pocket watch could give him a retro and original touch.


For a true DIY lover who has everything scattered around the garage or cellar, this handy case contains everything needed to do DIY jobs. No more mess and hours lost to find the right tool.

Home Brewing Kit

Love beer? Why not give him the opportunity to make it at home with this kit?

Magnetic wrist

If you love having your hands dirty and doing a thousand household chores, with this comfortable magnetic wristband you can attract small metal tools, such as screws, nails, pins, but also screwdrivers, pliers, conical bits, so you always have your hands free and have everything at hand.

Hot sauce set

This gift set includes 15 different hot sauces from around the world and with varying degrees of heat. If you love spicy food and have a fit stomach, this is an original idea for Christmas.

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What to get children for Christmas?

Are you looking for ideas for children? There are an infinite number of ideas, for all tastes and budgets.

Electric Quad Children

Everyone’s dream (even yours when you were a child), an electric quad. Who has never wanted one raise your hand.

Piano Musical Carpet

The musical mat is an interactive and educational game, to play with both hands and feet.

Electric Vespa for Children

A toy electric Vespa for children aged 1-3 years. Entertain your child with this ride-on toy with realistic details and sounds for a 360-degree Vespa experience.

Soft toy that heats up in the microwave

A nice teddy bear that you can heat in the microwave could make your child go crazy with joy 🙂

Magic Book

A very original gift idea is the magic book , a book in which the child will be the protagonist of a tailor-made fairy tale. Really nice as an idea.

Puzzles for Children

Puzzles have always been an excellent gift to give to children, give them one that is suitable for their age.


One of the timeless games for children, the LEGO classics. Let her imagination take over and she becomes a great playmate.

Colored pencil set

Are you a budding little artist? Or does he just like to doodle and let his imagination run wild? With 120 colored pencils he can draw anything.

Teddy bear

Plush, plush, plush everywhere! Kids love them.

Retro vintage lightning effect plasma lamp sphere

Another fascinating (and useless) gift is the sphere with a lightning effect on contact with the finger.

3D Wall Light Soccer ball

For children who love to play football, this lamp could be perfect for decorating the room.

Multigame table

A wonderful 4 games in 1 multifunctional table (billiards, table tennis, air hockey and table football).

Monopoly – Hasbro

The star game of all parties: the classic Monopoly. Anyone who has never played endless games for hours on end doesn’t know what they’re missing.

lego super mario

LEGO and Super Mario lovers won’t be able to resist it. It also includes a speaker that plays music and sounds from the video game.

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What to give for Christmas on a budget?

If you are on a tight budget, here are some cheap online Christmas gifts that will still allow you to make a good impression, choose from one of these.

Weekly calendar magnetic whiteboard

Perfect for keeping all the week’s commitments under control, day by day, writing and erasing endlessly.

Reverse Umbrella

An original umbrella, which opens in the opposite direction to what we are normally used to. By closing it, the water outside it will no longer fall on our heads as it does now.

Glasses for reading while lying down

Do you often read in bed and complain that your neck hurts, that blood doesn’t circulate to your hands, etc etc? With these glasses he will be able to read lying down without having these problems anymore.

Self stirring cup

By pressing the button on the cup, it automatically mixes what’s inside. For serial lazy people.

Cap with earphones

A simple headset with integrated bluetooth earphones, allows you to listen to music without having to wear additional headphones.

Scratch off map

Ideal for serial travellers, on each trip they can scratch off the part of the map visited, so as to have a lived-in map full of memories.

Mug in the shape of a camera lens

A real cup perfect for the winter, but with the particularity of looking like a realistic photographic lens.

Photo album

Give a photo album as a gift, and fill it with the photos that are most important to you two.

World Map Notice Board

A cork board with the world map drawn on it. It is possible to mark the journeys made, hang photos, memories and mark future planned destinations. An ideal gift for travel lovers.

Fold clothes

If he really can’t fold ironed t-shirts with so much effort, here is the gift that will revolutionize his life, an aid to fold t-shirts in just a few seconds.

Cassette doormat

A mat for nostalgic music cassettes. Not suitable for those born after the 90s.

Karaoke microphone

Love karaoke madly? Then this microphone will be her favorite gift. It can connect to all Bluetooth devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, PCs, laptops and youtube apps.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

I too always find myself buying Christmas presents at the last minute (often even at the last second 🙂 ), don’t worry! Here are some ideas that you can take advantage of, without expecting too much of course.

Gift Cards

By now almost all the big shops have their own rechargeable card (gift card), such as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, H&M, Zara, Amazon… they are certainly not sought-after gifts, but it is equally certain that they will be used, until they run out 😉

Another last minute idea,  gift boxes , such as SmartBox, Emozione3, Wonderbox and so on and so forth… they can easily be found in shopping malls.

Magazine subscription

And a subscription to some magazine he likes?

Good for Printing Photos

Try a voucher to print a lot of photos, you can never print enough.

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