Gift ideas for 18 years

Looking for an 18th birthday gift but just can’t find the right one? Don’t go crazy! Here are many 18th birthday gift ideas that will save your life and make the new adult happy.

An advice? If possible, pool the money with other guests to have a larger budget. Your wallet and the birthday boy will thank you.

All gifts for 18 years

Surprise him

Do you want to give an original gift , something that is not expected in the slightest?

Name a star, giving it the name of the birthday boy. A symbolic but original gift, which he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Every time she looks at the sky she will always think of you.

And how about personalizing chocolates with the number 18, and with your photos? It’s a very cute idea, also great for party decoration.

Have you been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time but couldn’t before 18? Well, now is the right time to give her her first tattoo, one of the most important that she will ever get.

You could accompany the gift with a Light Box Lamp, which you can personalize with any phrase.

You could wish him happy birthday, wish him the best in the future, write a famous quote, tell him how much you love him, or whatever you can think of.

Surely the lamp will be able to give an extra touch of style to the photos to be published on social networks on this important day!


Do you love technology? The most coveted gift is certainly the latest generation smartphone or a good laptop that he will also use for the last year of high school and (in case) for university.

The increasingly popular tablet is also highly appreciated, very comfortable to carry around. If you got caught up in the indecision between laptop or tablet, well, you can always focus on laptops that can become tablets (by unhooking the keyboard from the screen).

Or, why not give a nice LED television (perhaps with a screen as big as a 40″) to keep jealously in the bedroom?

Smartwatches are also gaining ground lately, wrist watches that can synchronize with your smartphone to manage emails, calls, weather and much more.

Or even the bracelet for monitoring physical activity and sleep.

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The smartphone has become an essential accessory in everyday life. Since kids are the main protagonists of social networks and the most innovative apps, giving a smartphone for an eighteenth birthday can prove to be a winning move.

Thanks to the massive expansion of the market for these items, it will be possible to choose from a wide range of products.

Therefore, regardless of the budget available, it is always possible to find a latest generation smartphone that can satisfy the birthday boy.


The tablet can be a suitable gift idea for everyone. This technological device allows you to carry out a very large number of operations.

Indeed, in a sense, it represents a more comfortable and leaner version of the PC.

Therefore, the birthday boy or girl will be able to enjoy themselves through the installed apps and games (even being able to use social networks!) without having to give up the usefulness of a computer.

Therefore, especially from a university and scholastic perspective, it can be a valuable support.


The computer, portable or fixed, remains a real must. Nowadays, any operation, even the simplest one, requires the presence of cutting-edge technological support.

The computer represents the highest expression of technology and, thanks to its infinite potential, it can come in handy on the most diverse occasions.

School, leisure, work and entertainment can all be tackled from the personal computer in one fell swoop. Furthermore, thanks to its enormous transversality, it can be a suitable gift for both genders.


Do you want to give something different from the classic material gifts, something that will remain forever (at least in your memories), something capable of conveying emotions? Then an experience is the perfect 18th birthday gift.

One of the most gifted is driving a real Ferrari on the track. Of course, as a gift it cannot be used immediately, but the eighteen year old will be eager to get his driving license also to try this exciting experience.

For true adrenaline junkies, there’s nothing better than a parachute jump or bungee jumping.

For those who prefer less demanding activities, a hot air balloon flight is something truly spectacular and exciting.

For a happy middle ground there is tandem paragliding.

If he loves being photographed, you could give the modeling experience for a day, a real photo shoot including a book.

See more experiences to give, and also take a look at presents24, there are a lot of really cool experiences!

Otherwise you can always rely on classic gift boxes.

Smartboxes or caskets

If you are interested in giving an experience to the new adult, instead of present material, it is possible to fall back on the so-called smartboxes.

In practice, these boxes contain tickets for new experiences, out of the ordinary.

For example, it will be possible to offer the birthday boy the opportunity to go rafting, to take horse riding lessons, to take a ride in a hot air balloon, to try paragliding and to participate in guided tours. In short, this would really be an original idea, different from the classic gifts.

Love music?

If he loves listening to his favorite songs at home, you could give him a good stereo system that can connect computers and smartphones directly, or a good wireless audio system.

Otherwise, if you’re listening to music on the go, you might be sticking with headphones with great sound quality.

Do you love photography?

A suitable gift for 18-year-old photography lovers could be a nice reflex camera, or a lens (which can cost even more than the camera itself).

Do you love to read?

If you love to read or spend a lot of time travelling, you could give a reader of electronic books, the famous eReader. The best? Probably the Kindle Paperwhite (just gorgeous).

Do you love video games?

If he loves playing video games, a video projector could be an excellent gift idea. Playing with a giant screen is an emotion that few can experience.

Otherwise you could focus on the latest console released on the market such as the PlayStation with even a few more joypads to play with friends. He will be the happiest 18-year-old “boy” in the world.


The console can be a much appreciated gift, especially by male birthday boys. There are currently many types of consoles, including Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii U…

In short, even in this case you are spoiled for choice. These devices offer the possibility of being able to find a break from daily commitments and, thanks to games with online mode, organize matches with one’s friends and companions directly from home.

Video games

If the recipient of the gift already has a console, then the choice of gift could fall on a compatible video game for that device.

But how to choose the title? To make no mistake, it will be sufficient to check which games are the most trendy at that time.

However, some gamers love timeless titles. For example, for those who are passionate about football, the traditional FIFA video game could be very good, with which they could also have fun with their friends.


What is the wish of every eighteen year old? Driver’s license. Why not give away the package of 10 guides or even better, cover the entire cost of the licence?

But probably the best gift to receive on your eighteenth birthday is a real car (or at least a promise to buy when you get your driving license). Even used is fine at the beginning, as long as it is also approved by the birthday boy (before buying it). You know, you never forget your first car…

And finally, for the peace of mind of the parents, you could give away a safe driving course.


A holiday, especially if with friends, is a great way to celebrate eighteen years. You could give away a crazy holiday, or a 4-day mini-cruise just for kids… fun will be guaranteed.

Otherwise, if you love relaxation, you could give away a weekend in a spa with massages included, or a weekend in some American or European city with or even a real holiday in some all-inclusive village.

His passions…

To find the perfect gift, build on her passions.

Do you love football (or any other sport) and are you a real fan? Give away a season ticket for the stadium for the new season, or a ticket for a very important match (a derby, a cup final, the match where they will win the Scudetto, …) or even the official kit autographed by their favorite player.

Do you love to cook? Give a cooking class as a gift or take him to a starred restaurant to eat.

Love dolphins? He gives away a day as a trainer.

Love nature? Check out shepherd’s day, it’s a great experience!

Do you love to sing? Give away a singing course with an important teacher, or give away a voucher to record your own record.

Love music? Why not try some musical instruments? Or give away the concert of his favorite singer.

Do you love to write? Offer to pay for the publication of his first book, or give away an important fountain pen.

Do you love fashion and would like to be part of it? Give her her first photo book.

In short, think of something he is passionate about and you will see that you will find an inherent gift.


Adolescence is also the period in which passions arise which, very often, last for a lifetime. For example, many young people begin to approach the world of art and, in particular, photography.

For some of them, this passion is not just a hobby but a real job opportunity for the future.

Why, then, not try to give a camera as a gift? The market offers a vast catalog of products and, therefore, you can still evaluate the choice also on the basis of your budget.

For beginners it is not necessary to find professional models but it is sufficient to purchase a solid and efficient product.

Musical instrument

For the discussion that was made previously, even a musical instrument can stimulate the imagination and creativity of the children.

Not infrequently, in fact, adolescents start playing an instrument and cultivate this passion also in the following years.

What to choose? The advice is to focus on a classic tool that can easily be used easily.

For this reason, it would be wise to choose between a classical guitar and a keyboard. However, a battery (even an electric one) could also make the birthday boy happy!

Briefcase or backpack

Becoming of age also means approaching the world of work and that of university. To face these new experiences in the best possible way, you need to be ready, even if you have the most suitable accessories.

In this regard, it becomes almost obligatory to consider backpacks and briefcases. In fact, also in this case, we will be able to choose by sifting through an enormous quantity of articles; the important thing, in the end, is to find a well-made product that can make his daily life easier.


If you don’t want to go wrong, focus on classic jewels.

Give necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anything goes as long as it’s not costume jewellery. The Dodo and Swarovski jewels are excellent for the occasion.

Clothing and Accessories

Do you love clothing and accessories? Here the choice is really vast, give a piece of clothing as a gift.

You can stay on an evening dress that she will wear to her 18th party, or on a jacket or some shirts.

Or you could give some accessories, such as a beautiful bag, a belt, the classic wallet or a pair of sunglasses.

Finally, in addition to her favorite perfume, one of the most important accessories cannot be missing: the watch.

Don’t forget to give an 18th birthday t-shirt as well .


Adolescence is a very special time in life. Many guys try to make their way in social relationships and, why not, even in sentimental ones.

Therefore, a gift that can come in very handy for this cause would be perfume. On the market there are entire lines of products designed for younger kids, even from the most famous brands.

Also in this case, choosing the most “fashionable” perfume of the moment can certainly make the birthday boy happy!


The watch is a timeless classic. We are talking about an article that can become the ideal gift for any occasion.

Watches specially designed for them, characterized by bright colors and cheeky patterns. Also, nowadays, thanks to technology, it is possible to fall back on digital watches.

The latter, via Bluetooth connection, can transmit a lot of information to the smartphone, including the steps taken, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and calories burned.


The clothing items are evergreens and, therefore, never go out of style. Shoes, shirts, skirts, coats, sweaters, scarves and hats can be good solutions.

In order not to fall into the banal, however, it is advisable to look for a truly original garment that, in some way, amazes and makes the recipient happy. Therefore, in order not to risk it, it is better to avoid the classic neutral solutions!

Streaming site subscription

Streaming platforms are one of the biggest innovations of recent years. Netflix, Infinity and Amazon Prime have become real entertainment giants.

Give a subscription to one of these streaming sites, it would mean guaranteeing the lucky one access to a practically unlimited number of multimedia contents (films, TV series, documentaries…). Furthermore, these services can also be used on smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Gift certificate for Digital Store

There are cards, which can even be purchased in supermarkets, which contain the top-up codes for digital stores.

What are we talking about? Play Store, Apple Store or PlayStation Store are real digital stores. Inside them you can buy a vast amount of products.

Apps, music and games are just some of the items on sale. So, by buying a refill, i will be able to access all these digital items. In short, a gift that is truly in step with the times.

Music event ticket

If you were aware of the musical passions of the birthday boy or girl, it would be really nice to be able to give a concert ticket as a gift.

In this case, we would choose not a material gift, but an experience that will most likely offer fun and many good memories.

To purchase one of these tickets, it will be sufficient to collect the information online about the tour of the chosen artist and, at a later stage, proceed with the purchase.

Nowadays, just to give the kids moments of leisure, many musical events are organized and, therefore, finding one that suits us shouldn’t be a big problem.

Ecommerce gift card

Amazon, Zalando and other famous ecommerce are digital stores where you can really find everything.

As in the case of the Stores we referred to previously (which only sell digital items), ecommerce also accept the conversion of gift vouchers on sale that you can spend.

Amazon, the most famous of these stores, sells a huge range of items. Shoes, clothes, accessories, tech items, sports gear and perfumes are just some of the items on sale. By purchasing a voucher, we will give the birthday boy the opportunity to spend the money offered according to his inclinations.


Some other interesting gift ideas could be a professional table football like those for bars, a pool table, or maybe a swimming pool to put in the garden, ideal for having parties with friends too.

Or you could give a nice large canvas print of an important photo of you, which he will hang in his room.

Finally, give him a cork world map or a cork globe so that he can mark all the places he has already visited and those he wants to visit, a simple but very nice idea.

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