Baptism gift ideas, here’s what to give

Are you looking for gift ideas for the baptism of a boy or a girl? Not sure what to give?

Just to prevent even the newborn from noticing that you didn’t bring a small gift because you think you can’t find the right one, here are some perfect ideas.


Diaper cake

The diaper cake is a very fashionable christening gift, beautiful to look at but above all, very useful!

Diaper cakes are becoming more and more viral, not only for their aesthetics, but for their usefulness. A mountain of diapers built with a nice note, but which in the first months of the baby’s life will be the most appreciated gift that can be given.

If you’ve really come to the conclusion that you have no idea what to give, focus on the objects that a newborn needs the most and play with them by creating something nice.

Personalized Chocolates

Surprise everyone by personalizing chocolates with the baby’s photo, his name and the date of his baptism. It will be a sweet surprise.

Footprint frame

Among the many gifts for baptism, if you want to do something more original, you could look for frames to leave the footprints and hands of the boy or girl.

The fingerprint frame is the classic gift that as soon as you see it gives a tender expression.

It is a kit for preserving the very first memories of the newborn, specifically the footprints of the little hands and feet.

In the package, parents will find everything they need to make the frame, including clay for the shapes. Finally, there is also a small space where you can insert, if you want, the plate with the name of the little one.

Canvas painting

If you want to make something that will last, you could print the photo of the child with the parents on the canvas, it will be a good memory.

Magic Book

The magic book is a perfect idea for a baptism. It is a personalized book in which the child will be the protagonist of a special tailor-made fairy tale, the perfect gift for children aged 0 to 24 months. If you wish, you can also enter the date and the names of the godparents.

Custom cover

If you want to make the gift for the little one unique, and leave the new mother particularly happy, you can focus on choosing items embroidered with the name of the girl or boy.

The embroidered blanket is ideal, made only for the newborn, also useful in the future for school so that it is not lost during a hypothetical afternoon nap.

Precious stone

For the baptism of a little girl, it would be a welcome and refined idea to buy a precious stone, such as aquamarine so that when the little girl grows up she can choose whether to have it set in a jewel.


It is a more symbolic gift than anything else, but one that will surely make an impression.

If you didn’t know, on the web it is possible to buy a star for a person and give them their name.

They’ll send you the certificate as soon as it’s ready, and you’ll have given the new starlet into the world a star up in the sky, with her name on it.

Imagine the expression on the parents’ faces when they read that they have a star on earth in the flesh, and another up in the sky with the name of the newborn.

Personalized Book

It is a personalized book in which the protagonist of the story is the newborn child, everything is created on the basis of the little one.

Generally, on sites that deal with these services, some basic data will be requested such as names, family members, date of birth and other additional information to make the story even more unique.

I don’t know about you, but if I grew up knowing I had a book where I’m the protagonist, I would never have self-esteem issues.

Child growth chart

The child will grow over time, especially in height. There are really cute meters on the web, full of original decorations that are perfect for monitoring your child’s growth.

When he’s a little older, even the baby will be eager to show the world that he’s growing up like his mum and dad: he’ll love it. .


Dresses, rompers and clothing

Dresses and rompers are always much appreciated gifts. Be careful not to give everyone the same gift, otherwise many may not be used (the child grows quickly).

Diaper changing set

Do you want to make a useful gift for baptism? Give a set for changing diapers , bags, purses, changing tables, diapers, creams, detergents, …

Car bottle warmer

If parents travel often, a car bottle warmer is a really useful and valuable gift.

Photo album

A beautiful photo album for baptism, a gift that is always needed and will remain for life. If you want to spend a little more, opt for the models with silver decorations and engraved with the name.

It is a useful gift for a child or boy, and at the same time of great sentimental value that will build over the years.

Suitable as a gift from the godmother or godfather.


A frame is forever. A wonderful keepsake for such an important day. If you want to spend a little more, you can focus on the silver models, otherwise I recommend the Thun photo frames.


If the parents haven’t bought it yet, give an excellent trio stroller, possibly asking the parents for their preferences. It is a very useful object that will be used often, so it should have the characteristics that suit the needs of parents.

Car seat

They may not be able to use it right away, but the car seat is one of those gifts that will definitely be appreciated and used for a long time.

All for the food time

Soon it will be baby food time, so why not make a nice baby food cooker as a baptism gift?

Or, you can make a set of cutlery and dinner plates.

The feeding set is in the category of the most useful gifts for newborns, it will certainly be greatly appreciated by parents because sooner or later the little one will start to need it. Thanks to you and your gift, they won’t be unprepared.


Do you want to see the child roam around the house in complete safety? Give a nice walker.

High chair

If you want to anticipate the times a little, you could give a good high chair as a gift, which will certainly come in handy.


Give the best playpen for children, a welcoming structure for the child’s moments of play and relaxation.

music box

I consider it a sweet and useful gift idea at the same time, on the one hand it could be useful for mum or dad to help put the little one to sleep, while on the other it is a sweet gift because of its melody.

If chosen with some cute design even better: a tree, a carriage or a pet.

Give a music box for the cradle, excellent for enchanting the child also thanks to a pleasant musical background.


Even a  quilt will always help. If you want a touch of originality, why not try making it by hand or embroidering the initials of your name and surname?

Sheets for the cot

In addition to the quilt, the sheets for the cradle are also excellent and very useful .

Seat for the bath

The baby bath seat is also a great idea .

Hooded towel

The hooded towel is ideal for after baths and by giving a set of 3 you are sure to always have a clean and dry towel.


Give away some nice toys (perhaps something parents would never dream of buying for the price) suitable for the child’s age, possibly from a well-known brand (Chicco, Giochi Preziosi, Fisher Price, …).

Elegant bib

An elegant bib to use at some important evening could always come in handy. In particular, this bib is perfect as a christening gift for a boy, but there are also others for girls.

Little angel

A Thun angel could be a good gift idea and will remain as a souvenir forever.

Gold necklace or bracelet

Even if as a parent I’d rather receive something useful rather than an object to put in the drawer, a necklace, a pendant, a gold or silver bracelet will always remain a memory of this day.

An engraving with the date or name could also be added.

Furnish the bedroom

If the child’s bedroom isn’t ready yet, you could help the parents furnish it, giving away something that is really needed.

Gift voucher as a gift idea for christening

If you don’t know what to give for a christening, try a gift certificate from a baby store. Surely parents will find something useful.

Envelope with money

The gift that never sets, the classic envelope with money. This way you are sure not to spend money unnecessarily and that the recipient can buy what he really wants. But beware that not everyone likes such a… cold gift.

To show that “you want to put your own into it”, you could propose to go together to buy the gift he really wants.

Postal book and bank account

Open a passbook or bank account also in the child’s name and deposit the money you would like to put towards the gift. For every birthday, event or anniversary in the future, instead of giving a gift, you could continue to deposit money in your passbook or account instead of buying useless gifts (and the same can be done by friends and relatives), until the child comes of age. child. In 18 years he’ll find himself with a nice nest egg, which never hurts.

One of the alternative gifts, different from the usual but very interesting, to be evaluated.

Pacifier holder in silver

The silver pacifier holder could be an idea, but we’re sure it’s worth spending some money on a … pacifier holder?

The pacifier holder is perhaps the most used object for children; in short, unless the parents like you and you hope that the little one loses the pacifier and cries full time 🙂

Obviously, since this is an important event, it would be good if you also embellish an object that is used daily.

Versions of the silver plates are available in various shapes: teddy bears, little angels and many other cute little things.


Dodoudou are small puppets with which the child will find it easier to lie down due to its softness. Different types can be purchased on the market, the ones that go the most are in the shape of a stuffed animal with an attached cover.

In some cases it is also possible to personalize it with the child’s name, to make it even more special!

Gold pendants

An enchanting pendant to be tied to a mini jewel and customizable with gold details such as the date of the baptism or the initials of the newborn is a gift that you could give to leave your mark over time for the entire family unit.

Baby bottle warmer

Many people will probably come and tell you that the bottle warmer would be a useless gift, or one little appreciated by parents. Instead, try to reflect with me, imagine a mother who spends sleepless nights because the newborn suddenly wakes up, perhaps due to hunger.

A bottle warmer is fast, quick and convenient when in these moments the new mother just wants the baby to stop crying.

He will instantly insert the bottle into the container and immediately after he will have it back at the right temperature. Believe me, parents will thank you if you opt for such a gift.

Family figurine

Instead, let us now deal with a much more significant gift: the sculpture that represents a family nucleus united in an embrace holding a child tightly.

A delicate idea full of values. If the parents are fond of sophisticated decorations for the furniture of the house, you will surely hit the mark.

Maybe choose such a gift if you have been chosen as godfather or godmother, parents must really care about you and it is right that you give them this privilege and this affection towards you.

The night lights

Night lights are pretty and decorative for children’s bedrooms and, moreover, they will keep the little ones company during bedtime and will allay the fear of the dark.

Obviously, there are many different shapes and colors that you can choose from.

The album of memories

The album of memories is an object that people opt for quite frequently, and who can blame them: it is a perfect gift for a baptism because it makes the memories of the little one eternal by chaining them in photographs.

Silver rattle

A sweet rattle with a soft melody that will enchant the baby as he enjoys playing it. Since this is a rather important rite of passage, I suggest you opt for a rattle embellished with silver details to make this special day unique.

Keepsake box

Where to keep every sign of the newborn if not here, the keepsake box! The baby’s first objects, the pacifier, the hospital bracelet, all the ultrasound scans and all the other mementos concerning the first year of the baby’s life?

A Keepsake Box is the perfect gift for all those parents ready to put away anything related to their child, there are many nice and special ones on the market, you should take a look.

The guardian bear

It is a stuffed animal with wings that represents a guardian angel for the child, I would recommend this gift because it is soft, delicate and with a meaning at the same time.

If the teddy bear isn’t to your liking, I’m sure you’ll find the same idea on the web with other shapes of soft toys, the important thing is that it has wings so as not to stray from the ideology of protection towards the little one.

Baby Monitors

Returning to useful gifts for parents, the baby monitor would be one of the most appreciated elements by new parents.

Basically, the baby monitor has a screen that turns on when the baby starts to cry, often has a long-lasting battery and some models also provide some lullabies to accompany the baby towards rest.

Silver comb and brush set

If you decide that the cutlery set does not convince you, the silver comb and brush set could be a valid alternative.

Aesthetically they are graceful and, certainly, even more original than other types of sets. Silver is a perfect metal if you have to participate in a baptism, traditional yes, but fascinating.

The homogenizer

The homogenizer will become mum and dad’s best friend when the baby starts eating baby food. This appliance allows you to obtain healthy and quickly prepared products as soon as you need them.

The lucky stone tag

Instead of the traditional medal revised several times: with a round shape and religious engravings, but in silver, with a cross design and the engravings of the child’s footprints, embellished by the choice of lucky stone which varies according to the month of birth.

Baby hammock

Not everyone knows its existence, but the baby hammock is a salvation for all those parents who choose to leave for the holiday home.

The hammock can be hung anywhere, as long as it works as a support, and independently rock the child until he falls asleep.

Chic passport

If mom and dad are travel enthusiasts, and even with a child they don’t intend to stay in the same place for too long, give the child his first passport holder. Choose it with some original coloring and with particular decorations, have fun choosing the options and buy something nice.

The play mat

The play mat is a gift with which the child will surely enjoy playing, there are many fantasies for both boys and girls: cars, dolls, colored backgrounds, princesses and whoever knows more chooses more.

You will accompany the little one in his first crawls while he will try to chase the drawings that you will eventually have chosen, isn’t it a sweet idea?

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