Gift ideas for birthday

You’re looking for a birthday present and you don’t know which way to turn, right? It’s always the same story every year. You have no ideas, you don’t know where to look so you buy the first gift that comes to hand.

But be careful. The recipient, whether he, she, man, woman, friend, dad, mom, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, boy, girl or work colleague, expects to receive a gift on his or her birthday that will strike, something original, particular, something that can excite him.

So we decided to help you find the perfect gift, offering you lots of birthday gift ideas that are unique, original, classic, fun, of all prices and for all tastes. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts for him, birthday gifts for her, or for any other person dear to you, we’ll help you find it, so you can save time and above all stress.

All Birthday Gifts

Birthday is always a special occasion and as such should be celebrated in the best possible way.

In this article we will try to provide you with original ideas that will surely be appreciated and that will allow you to make beautiful birthday gifts for her, for him and even for the little ones.

Experiences to give

I love experiences. I find they make a great gift for any occasion, including birthdays. If you don’t want to give the usual material gifts, experience could be the perfect birthday present for any kind of person, there are all kinds .

The experience is much more than a simple gift, it allows you to try new activities, to get to know each other better, to go further, to improve self-esteem, to have fun, to feel strong emotions sometimes never felt before. Emotions, moments, landscapes and people will turn into fantastic memories that will remain for a lifetime.

Birthday gift ideas for him

Giving a birthday present to a man can be quite complicated and therefore it is necessary to arm yourself with holy patience and try to find out what his personal tastes are.

In principle, however, we advise you to take a cue from these gifts, among which we hope to suggest the winning one.

See birthday gift ideas for:

I know, I’ve already said it, I love giving away experiences. As a birthday gift idea for him, you could think of driving a Ferrari on the track, the dream of all men, right? I liked it a lot, it’s a short but intense experience, full of adrenaline. After all, a Ferrari is still a Ferrari.

Still with regard to the engines, even a nice ride on a quad is excellent, it will be a lot of fun.

If he’s a sports fan, you could give him a stadium ticket to an important match for his favorite team, such as the derby.

If he loves to slouch around the house, you could give him a beanbag for his birthday.

Does he have a mustache or beard? Then this mustache mug could be a fun yet useful gift idea.

The mini USB fridge to keep the cans cool, even in the office, is also an excellent idea!

TV series box set

Even if it is possible to watch any type of film or TV series online, there is always the show of the heart that it is a pleasure to jealously keep in the maze of one’s libraries, so that it can be seen over and over again even when it is an outdated production.

If the boy you intend to give this gift to particularly likes TV series, you can’t help but opt ​​for this choice, as we are sure that this gift will make him enthusiastic.

However, don’t be surprised if he prefers to stay at home in front of the television rather than go out in your company, as there is nothing better than enjoying a good film especially in anticipation of autumn.

We also advise you to evaluate the special editions because, in many cases, in addition to getting the DVD with all the episodes of the TV series, you could benefit from limited edition gadgets and inserts that will only increase the value of your gift and the joy of its recipient.

A perfume

This gift is very personal and therefore we advise you to consider it only if you know perfectly the tastes of the recipient.

Perfume is in fact a distinctive trait of the personality of each of us, and this is precisely the reason why there are a thousand fragrances capable of marrying perfectly with the needs of the wearer.

To discover the tastes of the man who never has to ask, try organizing a secret mission in the bathroom of the predestined, so you can observe his preferences and see if he already has the perfume you thought of giving him.

Activity Trackers

Here is a useful and very interesting gift, as it will allow you to monitor your physical activity and keep track of all the movements you make during the day.

This bracelet with integrated display is equipped with sensors capable of capturing heart rate and many other data related to the body that will wear it, also acting as an alarm clock and allowing calls and messages to be received without having to use a mobile phone.

It is certainly the best choice if your friend turns out to be an extremely active person from a sporting point of view or if you want to encourage him to move more.

Sofa butler

I bet you’ve never heard of this item, although its use will certainly not go unnoticed.
It is in fact a device designed for all people who like to spend their time on the sofa and therefore do not want to move except to go to the bathroom.
By choosing this gift you will offer the possibility of enjoying a tray on which to place everything you need, so you can spend pleasant hours on the sofa without making the slightest effort.


A rather common but always welcome choice, as most men love to spend their time in front of video game consoles.

Even if this gift will not be particularly appreciated by the girl of the chosen one, who from now on will look at you with an eye that is anything but peaceful, you can give your friend the opportunity to have fun and carve out moments of relaxation by experiencing the adventures of his favorite characters.

Perhaps this option will free you from intense shopping sessions at the mall, saving you the trouble of carrying bags full of clothes and accessories.

Birthday gift ideas for her

Women, as we know, are all a bit sweetly complicated and therefore we need to act with awareness and try to guess the gift they would most like to receive.

Don’t panic, as in the next few lines we will suggest valid solutions that are usually appreciated by women of all ages.

See birthday gift ideas for:

If you want to make your woman spend a special birthday, give her a ride in a hot air balloon, a wonderful, out of the ordinary experience. Being suspended in the air, hundreds of meters above the ground, in absolute silence, is something that doesn’t happen every day.

If she’s vain enough, give her a modeling day, which includes a photo book.

For women and girls who always have cold feet, give the magical unicorn slippers for their birthday. If they are true unicorn lovers, you just have to take a look at all the unicorn gift ideas .

Another great idea if you love cooking desserts could be a cake design class.

And if you want to impress a woman, the perfect gift could be a 170 cm tall mega teddy bear.

Smartbox for spas

For some years now, smartboxes have invaded the market, achieving considerable success in every field.

We are sure to offer you a more appreciated solution by suggesting the purchase of a smartbox for the spa, a box that will allow you to offer the chosen woman different locations where she can take advantage of this service and thus enjoy pleasant experiences focused on well-being and body care .

Furthermore, in many cases, she will be free to choose a person with whom to share this opportunity and, who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one!

Swarovski Enchanted Rose

A princess is hidden inside every woman and if the girl in question loves fairy tales, fairy tales and can’t help but see the cartoons that tell the story of these young damsels in search of the love of prince charming, here is the gift that it will surely make her happy.

This object made in svarowski is the clear reference to a famous fairy tale that all girls love and which will allow them to feel like a princess every time they look at it.

Just remember to tell her to place it in a safe place and away from anyone who has any problems with balance and gravity.

Jewelery sets

This gift is suitable for women of all ages, even if we advise you to give it to someone who is no longer very young as it is the perfect gift to make her feel appreciated on any occasion.

On the market you can find sets consisting of earrings, necklace and bracelets and, in some cases, small watches that match everything else.

In order to avoid blunders, especially if you don’t know perfectly the woman who will receive the gift, try to keep a simple style and don’t reach out for overly showy shames and medallions.

Beauty set

This gift is suitable for everyone and certainly, despite its simplicity and the ease with which it is possible to find it on the market, it is always an appreciated and equally appreciated gift.

You can personalize your gift by opting for special packages, such as small bathtubs containing cream, bubble bath and bath bomb packages, or buy wooden boxes filled with cosmetics and products useful for enhancing the beauty of someone will use them.

You can do the same thing by replacing body products with make-up elements, as it is possible to buy real boxes containing eye shadows, nail polishes and everything a woman needs to feel more beautiful.

Good for nails and hair

Although for many this option could be the perfect way to escape the choice of gift, it is actually an excellent solution if you want to minimize the possibility of making a mistake.

Giving a voucher of this kind to a woman will trigger an unquantifiable state of happiness in her, as she will be the one to choose the treatment to be performed while it will only be up to you to take care of the financial part.

It is also a gift designed for women of all ages, since by opting for this gift you can make your girlfriend, grandmother, mother, aunt and even the neighbor happy.

Birthday gift ideas for children

Even gifts for the little ones can be insidious, as many children already have everything they want and classic and traditional tastes don’t always adapt perfectly to the one to whom you intend to address this thought.

Don’t worry, we’re happy to help here too.

What do children like to do? Play! So when choosing the perfect gift for a child’s birthday, always look for gifts that he can play with and have fun with. These will be the best gifts.

For example, all board games or dynamic games such as the classic Twister, ideal for playing with your friends, will be greatly appreciated.

Younger children love to play with LEGO or with the most famous cartoon games, such as those of Disney or Marvel.

Another idea you can’t go wrong with are cartoon DVDs, who hasn’t loved them? And for the little ones, there are Disney fairy tale boxes, a timeless collection of stories.

An original idea for a birthday could be to give the magical book, a book of fairy tales and personalized fairy tales in which the child is the protagonist. Excellent to read also as bedtime stories to gently accompany the child towards the world of dreams.

Have you ever seen a shark flying through the air? Well, maybe you’ll see him at the birthday party with all the kids trying to catch him.

Soft toys, especially from Trudi, are great ideas for younger children. Let the child name the soft toy, and you will see that he will become an excellent playmate. Or maybe a giant mega teddy bear.

Projector of images and music

If the child in question has to celebrate his first birthday and is therefore very small, this gift is perfect as it will be able to attract his attention.

This object allows you to reproduce sweet melodies and at the same time project the image of stars, planets and various figures on the ceiling of the house, stimulating sleep and thus promoting the joy of mum and dad.

It is an excellent solution for both boys and girls, as both will be able to enjoy the pleasant effect that this aid will be able to give them.

A book of fairy tales

This gift is perfect for small children but also for those who can already speak, as it allows them to spend pleasant moments in the company of their parents or those who decide to contribute to their imagination by telling old stories and classic fairy tales.

Choosing a storybook means fostering a child’s creativity and imagination and, even if you are not their parent, you will be able to take advantage of several opportunities to read one of these stories and thus conquer a very important place within the their little heart.

Drawing set

Children who attend kindergarten or elementary school love to draw and color and therefore choosing a set of colors rich in felt-tip pens, colored pencils, watercolors and crayons will certainly be the right choice to earn several points in the eyes of the little one.

Based on the gender of the child, you can opt for packs reserved for a boy or a girl, which may contain albums depicting the cartoon characters most loved by children.

Obviously, remind the child to use the sheets to make his fantastic creations, avoiding giving his special touch to the furniture or walls of the house.

Board games

Older children and adults love to spend their evenings in the company of friends and family by playing board games.

Making a choice in this sector is really very challenging, as there are so many offers that are launched on the market every day, thus allowing you to experience fantastic adventures without leaving your home.

You can choose between Monopoly, puzzles, general culture games, naval battles and so on and so forth.

In any case, opt for something that can be appreciated by the child and that allows him to occupy his time also relating to adults.

You’ll also have a great excuse to play your favorite party game without making it too obvious to the older kids.

3D pen

This gift is not suitable for the little ones, but it is perfect for 8-10 year olds who love to devote themselves to recreational activities and give life to many objects using only the use of their imagination and their manual skills.

In fact, thanks to this tool, it will be possible to create 3D creations which, once dry, can be handled and used as desired, even if obviously they are extremely delicate and could be damaged by too sudden movements.

In any case, this gift will be appreciated by both males and females, who certainly can’t wait to involve you in the production of fantastic elements, so much so that you lose track of time and your social life.

See all birthday gift ideas for kids .

Original birthday gifts

Do you want to give something original for your birthday?

This lamp with customizable messages is perfect. An original lamp where you can write short messages for the birthday boy and give a special touch to his birthday. Taking advantage of this lamp, the photos to be published on social networks will have an extra touch!

And once the party is over, he can use it every day with always different messages, leaving room for creativity.

To start the day well, give the I love bisquits cup, it has a comfortable compartment to put some biscuits.

Does the recipient of the gift wear glasses? Then give the glasses-wearing donkey a present, a cute and nice birthday gift idea, and very useful for not leaving your glasses around once you’ve taken them off.

Do you love listening to music with your mp3 player, iPod or Smartphone? Here are headphones in the shape of shoelaces, too original!

Do you want to surprise the birthday boy? Give him a tandem parachute jump (with the instructor), you will see that he will be speechless!

For coffee lovers, you could give away the portable espresso machine, ideal for making real espressos without electricity, perfect for those who travel a lot.

If you don’t want to give a material birthday gift, you could give an original dinner, something special like a dinner on a tram or a murder mystery dinner.

Do you keep snoozing your alarm for the morning? Well, then the dartboard alarm clock is the perfect gift. He will no longer run the risk of getting out of bed late, in fact the alarm goes off only if the target is hit with the gun supplied.

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Personalized Chocolates


Does the birthday boy love chocolate? Then you could personalize the chocolates with a photo and writing. Surprise him with sweetness.

Gift ideas at bargain prices

If you want to make a birthday present for him, for her, for a friend, for a man or woman, for a relative or for a work colleague, but you don’t want to give the usual discounted gift and maybe you don’t want to spend too much , well, then have a look on Groupon.

You will find anything, even products, objects, experiences or dinners that you never thought you could give away, at discounted prices, up to 90% of the original price.

Surely, it’s a great starting point to find the idea you’re looking for.

Cheap birthday present

You can make an excellent gift without spending large sums, perhaps staying under €25. Here are some cheap gift ideas.

If you love music or vintage style, you could give a trivet in the shape of a vinyl record, or coasters always with the same shape.

An original and inexpensive gift could be the 24-hour clock, which is really very special.

Are you a very precise type of person and do you cook often? Surely the millimeter cutting board will be the perfect birthday gift, something nice but useful at the same time.

For true cooking enthusiasts, a cheap but very appropriate gift could be the chef’s jacket and chef’s hat.

And for those who spend hours and hours in front of the computer, especially in winter, a USB cookie cup warmer can come in handy, a handy gift to keep your drinks warm.

And to liven up the birthday party , you could give the social media frame to take photos, a completely customizable Instagram or Facebook-style cardboard frame to use to take photos with all your friends. There will be laughter and above all, it will be a great memory of the day.

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