Gift ideas for brother: all the possible ideas

Here are some gift ideas for brother for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, congratulations or just to say thank you.

Finding the perfect gift for your brother has never been easier.

30+ birthday gifts for brother

Electric Lighter – USB Rechargeable Windproof Lighter. It is an electric lighter to avoid the flame, requires no gas or refills and is eco-friendly. It is suitable for camping, travel or barbecue. A real bargain for camping or grilling enthusiasts.

Sleep Headphones – Wireless Headphones Speakers. One of the novelties of recent years, these headphones are “headbands” that are worn around the head to listen to music wirelessly. They are excellent for playing sports but also for sleeping. They are breathable and washable. Excellent for those who have a sporty brother, or who need “white noise” to rest, especially if we have to share spaces!

Hinshark – 12 in 1 Multipurpose Useful Gadgets. Your brother loves DIY very much, but you can’t give him expensive tools? You don’t need to look any further. This tool includes 12 tools including a hammer and two screwdrivers and is a great gift for DIY lovers.

Hinshark – 18-in-1 Multi-Tool Snowflake. A second beautifully designed multi-tool, this tool looks like a snowflake and includes 6 screwdrivers and as many wrenches as well. A bargain for an innovative and useful gift.

Chipate – 9 In 1 Multifunctional Pen Set. Still in the multitool category, this time it’s a pen. In addition to writing, he has a bubble, a small but powerful flashlight, a ruler and a bottle opener. A simple tool but of great utility at 360 degrees, it proves to be an excellent gift.

Gloves for LED Flashlight. Much more useful than you think both in the case of outdoor enthusiasts (for jogging, fishing, or cycling) and in case it is necessary to make repairs or work in small places where it is difficult to bring light. A special gift that will be appreciated.

David Beckham, Gift Box – Instinct Eau de Toilette 30ml and Deodorant 150ml. A high-class, affordable branded gift, this pack includes a David Beckham men’s perfume and deodorant. An interesting gift both for sports lovers and for those who want to give themselves a sophisticated image.

Pampling Beer Fusion T-Shirt. Don’t be fooled: it’s a quality t-shirt, in pure cotton and very comfortable, to which is added a playful drawing on the beer-spirit theme. A young and nice gift.

T-Shirt “I’m the Proud Brother of a Great Sister Yes, She Bought Me This T-Shirt”. The second – and last – t-shirt suggested as a gift to a brother from a sister, is of excellent quality, in pure cotton and available in different colours. A gift to get a laugh, but one that will also be appreciated and used.

Inflatable Walker and Cane for the Elderly Toy. A suitable gift for an older brother is an inflatable cane + walker, which is also inflatable. It is a playset for a joke gift during a birthday or other important event such as graduation.

Nothing. Here is the gift for people for whom it is really difficult to find a gift. The gift for those who when you ask them “So what do you want for Christmas/Birthday/Various Holidays” answer “Nothing”. Well, here it is. The Nothing. What more could you want from life?

Bike Bag – Mtb Bicycle Accessories. A useful gift for those who love cycling: a bag to attach to the bicycle frame. It’s waterproof and includes a phone holder with sun visor to make it possible to use your smartphone for music… or maps!

Beer Fermentation Kit. A kit with everything needed to prepare a small bottle of craft beer. Just follow the instructions and that’s it: in a week you will have your own home brew to share with friends. A gift definitely appreciated by lovers of craft beers.

Barbecue Kit Accessories. Everything you’ve always wanted to have and never had to ask for as barbecue tools: spatulas, meat tongs, knives, but also grill cleaners and an apron as well as skewers and a bag to contain everything. Great for those who love outdoor grilling for a very affordable price.

Men’s slim wallet. We promise it’s the only wallet in the list. But this product deserves a place: inexpensive, roomy despite being slim and very useful considering the shielding function that protects cards from demagnetization and data copying. If you really have to give a wallet, at least give this one.

Echo Dot – Smart speaker with Alexa integration. Integrated speaker with home automation to listen to music, responds to voice commands and gives you the possibility, if you already have Alexa, to interface with AI in other rooms allowing you to turn lights on and off, or use other devices for home automation. A good gift for anyone who has Alexa and is crazy about smart home devices.

King C Gillette – Complete Beard Grooming Gift Kit for Men. Does your brother have a luxurious beard, or would he like to grow one? Give him this complete beard care kit. Includes specially made cleanser, oil and conditioner in a gift box.

Scratch off World Map with flags XXL + Scratch Off Europe Map. In the style of scratch cards, these maps are ideal for great travelers and allow you to “scratch off” the countries where you have already been. Suitable for those who love to travel and want to start doing it again.

The Ritual of Samurai Men’s Gift Box. It contains a shower gel, a refreshing shower gel, a body lotion and a face scrub. A bit niche, but your brother might like the novelty if nothing else: men are rarely given these kinds of products and in the end we all use them. The quality is very high, and the fragrances masculine and pleasant.

Complete Work Tool Set – 39 Pieces. It’s a basic tool set but it’s complete and would make a great gift for someone who’s just getting into the DIY world or needs to get started on the basics. As small as it is, everything you need is there.

Amerigo Whiskey Stones Gift Set of 2 Whiskey Glasses. Includes two whiskey glasses, recipe cards and granite cubes to freeze for those who don’t like whiskey “on the rocks”. All in an elegant wooden box. A gift that looks like him and is sure to be appreciated.

Shiatsu Massage Cushion – 3 Speeds. The kind of gift that you unpack and use. Who doesn’t love to lie back and have their neck massaged? This massage cushion includes three speeds and is not only self-heating but the heat is also adjustable. Great for relaxing.

Stainless Steel Chef Knife with Micarta Handle – 20CM. This is a knife. Only one. But what a knife. Cutting, super sharp, suitable for any food, it has an ergonomic and elegant handle. A great gift for any cooking enthusiast.

DO YOUR GIN – Complete set for your Gin. Have you seen the craft beer kit, but your brother doesn’t like beer? Try this gin making kit. Includes twelve spices, two bottles, and several recipes to get you started preparing your own blend. Under fifty euros, it is an original and welcome gift.

Wireless Charger. We’re all pretty sure it’s some kind of magic. Wireless chargers take the hassle out of cords and cables and are convenient. The suggested model also allows you to use your mobile phone in the meantime and acts as a support. A gift that is sure to be used a lot.

Hiking and Trekking socks in Merino wool. Could we have made a gift list without including socks? Perhaps. But it would not have been complete. The socks we offer are in pure merino wool, made to last for years and particularly loved by hikers. If your brother loves hiking, he’ll love these socks.

Logitech Wired Gaming Headset. Yes, these headphones are not bluetooth. Yes, they have cable. But they’re light, comfortable, and sound great. It’s possible to go on long gaming sessions without coming out with sore ears and that’s the important part.

Bluetooth helmet intercom for motorcycles. This bluetooth has it. It is a microphone designed to be inserted inside a motorcycle helmet. The battery lasts 10 hours and allows you to connect not only to the phone but also to other similar bluetooths, up to a maximum of 6. For motorcycle lovers .

EASTPAK – The One Shoulder Bag. Eastpak is a brand that needs no introduction and this is a great classic. A relatively small but roomy shoulder bag even for men, it is a pragmatic but useful gift.

Air fryers have gained a respectable place in the kitchen over the last few years. This is a basic but excellent model, particularly suitable for both cooking and fried lovers.

Heated Vest. Well yes. A heated vest. Very useful for those who love motorbikes, but also bicycles, especially if they use them throughout the year. It will also be appreciated by camping enthusiasts, especially in winter. Original&Useful!

Genuine Leather Sport. The fanny packs are comfortable, but not very aesthetic. Here comes this leather bag to tie on the waist or thigh, convenient for carrying tools, on a hike or just for walking around. Made of leather, it has a beautiful design and is sure to be a unique gift.

Gaming steering wheel: simulate a formula one pedal with the steering wheel, complete with logo. It works for both PS4/5 and PC, a great must for racing game fans.

Thrustmaster – T.Flight Hotas One. Your brother doesn’t like racing, but he’s crazy about flight simulators? This set for PC and Xbox is for you. Of ergonomic design it is very suitable for civil and military flight simulations and also for those who love space racing.

Virtual Reality VR 3D Glasses. 3D virtual reality glasses to connect to your smartphone. To be checked on compatibility, but it is certainly an excellent idea for those who love games on smartphones or tablets. It fits well, is comfortable and protects the eyes.

Gold Black Silk Jacquard Woven Men’s Bow Tie for Cufflinks. Don’t give away a tie. Give a bow tie! To start, it’s more original. Plus, many men look better in this accessory than you think, and your brother might be pleasantly surprised by it. This one in particular, in addition to being silk, also has a matching handkerchief and cufflinks.

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