Gift ideas for Dad: all the possible ideas

Are you looking for gift ideas for dad? Here are the best gifts for dad for a birthday or any occasion, find the right one for him.

Surprise him and spend little

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Original gifts

Here are some original gift ideas for dad, something special that might strike him.

Before starting with the ideas though, think about what he likes to do, his passions that he has at the moment or that he has had in the past.

He also thinks about what he may need at the moment, maybe he is particularly stressed and needs to relax!

Listen to him carefully, maybe he wants to have an experience that he has always put off, and the right time may have come to do it.

Start from these indications, and start marking which gifts could be suitable. Only at the end does she begin to skim in order to find the perfect idea.

If he’s in love with sports, especially football or basketball, give him a ticket to go to the stadium to watch his favorite team’s game, and go with him. Your presence will be an added value, sharing this type of experience with your child is a good thing for every father.

And what about the man-car relationship? If he loves driving, spend an afternoon driving go-karts, or why not, give him a few laps on a real Ferrari. He will go crazy with joy, maybe it’s the dream he had since he was a kid.

For extreme fathers, a nice tandem paragliding flight (with the instructor) or a parachute jump might be the right idea, but you have to be sure that he is ready for it.

Doesn’t he like sports?

Think better about his passions.

For example, my father loves flying (by plane of course) and everything related to the world of flying. You have no idea the happy baby expression he had when we gave him a camera drone for his… 60th birthday!

Another gift for Dad could be a blowup of a nice framed photo of you or a canvas print to keep in the office. Surely she can’t help but love him.

Let him spend time with his mom by gifting him with movie or theater tickets.

Watch tv series on tv series? You could also evaluate a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky or similar services, as well as a box set of his favorite TV series.

Does he love wine? Here’s what to give: a course on wine, maybe he won’t become a sommelier, but at least he’ll learn the basics.
Otherwise, if you want something less demanding, go to the wine shop and ask for a bottle of fine wine to be recommended. He will appreciate it very much.

How about preparing him his favorite dessert or even dinner with all his favorite dishes? It’s a nice thought, cheap and that will show how much you love him.

Otherwise, a valid gift idea for the father could be to take him out to dinner, but not just any dinner, but a particular dinner, such as dinner on the tram. It is both a culinary and atmospheric experience.

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular lately. They lock you in a room and you have to solve puzzles to get out. Great fun to do with friends, and could be a great way to spend time with your dad.

Take a look at all the gift experiences available, you will surely find the most suitable one for your father, whatever age he turns, from 40 years, passing to 50 years, continuing for 60 years and reaching 70 years.

See also all the original gift ideas.

Tech gifts

Take a tablet or iPad and put your photo together on the desktop background. You will drive her crazy with joy. It will be something he will be very proud of, and you will see that he will show it to everyone.

Even a good computer or a MacBook is always good.

In general, if he is a fan of trending products, you can’t go wrong with any Apple product! An excellent idea are the AirPods, perfect wireless earphones for technological and always busy men.

If he has an old cell phone it might be time to change it. Think about some super smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone…

And how about giving him a virtual assistant? Great Alexa and Google Home.

A beautiful digital frame with internal memory, which allows you to insert scrolling photos.

Otherwise also computer devices: pen-drives, nice mouse, external hard-disk, LED monitors, speakers.

Also check out gifts for tech lovers.

Clothing and accessories

Does he love clothing? Well, here you can indulge yourself, there are loads of ideas.

You can think of taking the classic sweater that is always good, or go for something more elegant like a shirt or a jacket.

Never forget the main accessory: the watch, probably the most loved accessory by men together with the belt and the wallet.

Does he love feeling perfumed all day long? Then bet on one of the men’s perfumes of the big brands.

Be careful though, if you don’t know what to give as a gift, they’re fine, but try to try a little harder, think better about his interests and passions, and you’ll see that you’ll be able to find something more appropriate.

Reading lovers

Who is your favorite author? Well, choose one of his books that your father doesn’t already have, otherwise try to see the best-selling books of the same genre of the moment.

Are you particularly fond of technology? An eReader, a digital book reader could be the perfect gift. It doesn’t tire your eyes, it’s light, books cost less, and it can hold hundreds of books with small weight and size, perfect even when you travel often.

Where do you usually read? My dad loves reading sitting on the sofa. The sofa has something like 20 years of life… hence the idea of ​​giving him an armchair with a footrest that pops out by pressing the button for Christmas. Now he doesn’t leave her anymore!

For travellers

A nice trip everyone deserves it. Book a room through, give a weekend away, or look at the travel page.

If you can, accompany your father on this journey, it is one of the gifts he will appreciate most in the world: spending time with his son, exploring new places and meeting new people.

Most likely, he will also like to take pictures of all the places he goes.


Not sure what to give if it’s a sporty type? There are a lot of possible ideas, original and above all, technological, that will blow his mind.

Give a heart rate monitor with a watch that detects heart rate and lots of other information, very useful if you often go running or like to monitor your health.

Or some technical clothing and running shoes if he likes to go running once in a while.

The gym bag could always come in handy, like wireless earphones to listen to music while running.

Another much appreciated birthday gift for dad is the Smartwatch or the bracelet to detect physical activity, such as Fitbit.

As a Christmas present I chose the smartwatch, and I must say that I got it right. Whenever she leaves the house to even go for a walk, she puts it on. And often, he keeps it on all day, just to track his typical day, mileage, calories burned, etc.

Do you want to stay updated on football? Then you could give him a subscription to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Personalized Chocolates

Personalize chocolates with your photo and writing to tell them how important they are to you, in a very… sweet way.

Father’s Day Special

March 19 is Father’s Day, the day dedicated to all the dads in the world, one of the most important men in your life.

If you’ve decided to give it a little thought without having to spend too much money, you might think about making something handmade.

Don’t forget to accompany everything with the right words, the ones that will allow you to express the feelings you have for your father without having to say them.

More gift ideas

Are you a coffee lover? Buy a new coffee maker or a set of cups. As a birthday present for dad, we also made a self-assembled mega pack of coffee capsules for a year.

For a DIY lover, DIY tools like a nice toolbox.

A wireless headset to listen to television in bed without disturbing anyone.

If you’re in trouble, consider classic gift boxes.

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