Female Friend gift ideas, 100+ gifts for best friend

You don’t know what to give to a female friend or best friend for her birthday or for another important occasion?

Don’t worry, below you will find 100+ gift ideas for a friend to surprise her and make her happy, even “if she already has everything”.

All the gifts for a friend

Gifts for your best friend


A simple bracelet to wear every day, but with a big text: ‘Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there’. You may not always be able to be close to her, but she will always have you with her.

Give a star

Give a star to your best friend, and receive a pendant with the constellation and astronomical coordinates of the star itself.

Printing on canvas

A great gift idea for your best friend is a canvas print of your important photo.

It can be a photo of you two, a place dear to you, a landscape, an object, anything, as long as it represents your bond.

Instant camera

Whether you spend a lot of time together or if you don’t have much time, with this instant camera you can freeze snaps of life and immediately have them with you forever.

In less than no time you will be invaded by memories of your friendship to treasure.

Personalized Chocolates

Love chocolate? Then have the chocolates personalized with writings and your photos. You will surprise her with taste!

Distance cup

An ideal cup for a long distance friendship. An idea to remember every morning that you are physically distant, but you are not distant in heart.

Photo album

If you don’t know what to give your best friend, take any photo album and fill it with your photos, from when you met until now.

Complete with dedications, comments, phrases and memories of moments spent together.

It will be one of the most beautiful gifts a person can receive from their friend.

Necklace with Letter

Give her a necklace with the initial of your name so you can always be with her. Surely a meaningful gift that he will appreciate.

Balloon flight

What to give to a special friend? Hot air ballooning is an incredible experience that you must try at least once in your life! Minutes suspended in the air in absolute silence… an indescribable sensation.

Day in a Wellness Center

We all need to rest, give her a whole day in a wellness center where she will have the right time and conditions to completely relax and unplug from daily commitments. Of course, go with her too to be able to share time together in a very pleasant way.

Wine Decanter with Goblets

Do you like spending hours and hours talking about this and that? Do it by accompanying the evening with good wine. Give two glasses and a decanter.

World Map Notice Board

A cork board where you will hang the photos of the trips you have taken together, and maybe you could also mark some destinations of the next trips you would like to take with your best friend.

Huge teddy bear

If you love making things big, a giant soft toy is what you’re looking for as bff gift ideas. He will be able to hold him tight just like he was you.

Concert ticket

Give her the concert ticket of her favorite singer and accompany her, you will spend a beautiful evening full of emotions.

Cinema subscription

Ever thought of giving away a movie subscription to go together to watch the new releases?

Personalized Smartphone Cover

A birthday gift for a special friend is surely to have your photo printed on the cover of her smartphone, she will always have you with her.

Digital frame

If you take too many photos together and you no longer know where to put them, the digital frame is a perfect idea to leave fixed in his bedroom. Before giving it to him, upload your most significant photos.

Long Distance Relationship Bracelets

When one of the two bracelets is touched, it transmits the touch to the other bracelet, wherever it is. Perfect for making her feel you’re thinking of her.

Original gift ideas for a friend

Lightbox lamp

For your friend’s birthday, you could give her the Light Box lamp, a lamp where you can write personalized messages to let her understand how important she is to you. You could write your two names + the word forever, or a cute message, or anything else you can think of. Every time she sees her she will think of you.

Dinner on the Tram

You could organize an original dinner for her, something special like a dinner on the tram, a jazz dinner or a murder mystery dinner.

Personalized Puzzle with Photo

Print your important photo on a puzzle (which you will do together), it will be a fun gift and a beautiful memory at the same time.

Custom Calendar with Photo

Among the creative gifts for the best friend, you could make a calendar with your photos. Highlight important dates (like your birthdays, concerts, events) and for each month write a catchphrase or describe what you did (crazy) the previous year in that same month.

These adorable unicorn slippers will keep her feet warm this winter with a touch of magic. If she’s an original girl and a little out of the box, she’ll love them.

Print your photo in black and white

Alternatively, print your best photo in black and white in a large enough format and frame it with a simple frame (black or white).

Comic book photo frame

Do you want to give away some of your photos together? Here is a cartoon photo frame, very beautiful and very original.

Soft toy that heats up in the microwave

If she’s sensitive to the cold, give her a teddy bear that can be heated in the microwave! A sort of hot water bottle, but aesthetically more beautiful and soft. You will brighten her winter days.

Portable coffee machine

A portable coffee machine, ideal for the friend who works a lot and has to make long trips every day. Obviously, only for addicted coffees.

Bazooka Sushi

Only for true sushi lovers. A bazooka to prepare perfect sushi at home.

Discount Coupon

Do you want to give an unexpected gift, something truly original, even if you don’t spend much? On Groupon you will find gifts that you would never have imagined giving or could never afford, real unbeatable offers with discounts that can even reach 90% of the original price!!!

Surprise party

It won’t be a material gift, but among the many gift ideas for a friend’s birthday, you could organize a surprise party for her somewhere dear to you, with all the friends you have in common. In the end it’s the company that counts, right?

Teddy bear

Among the special gifts for your best friend, you could give her a stuffed animal by giving it a name. She will be your alter ego, so you can always be with your friend, through thick and thin (when she sleeps on it while crushing it).

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What to give to a friend who has everything?

If your friend already has everything , we advise you to think of an experience, an activity that you can share so you can spend time together.

Princess day

Why not let her spend a day like a princess? Take her to one of the most elegant beauty salons in your area and book her hairdresser, make-up artist and beautician dedicated exclusively to her. A treatment like a real princess.

Cooking class

Give away a cooking class, a pizza making class, a pastry class or a vegetarian cooking class. An experience that will allow you to explore new areas of the specialty you like best.


And what’s better than a nice weekend with your friend? You are spoiled for choice. You can take her to visit a city of art or you can go to the beach to relax, to the mountains to enjoy nature or to many other places in our wonderful country.


Organize a trekking excursion in the middle of nature, or join organized groups. And after a nice walk, don’t forget a good lunch in the mountain pastures.

Make up party

Do you love make up? Then give the Make-up party experience, a professional make-up artist will teach you both how to do your best make-up to highlight the features of your face.
Want to give away some adrenaline?

Bungee jumping

Are you afraid of emptiness? What better opportunity to face and defeat it! A jump from one of the best launch points in Italy will give you an alternative afternoon. Of course, you’ll have to do it too!


A really fun adventure immersed in nature. If you’ve never done it, white water rafting is a must try. Are you ready for the rapids?

Driving a go-kart

A track race with a real go-kart is a wonderful way to have fun in complete safety. Drifting and braking at the last second will make you have a great time together.

Parachute jump

If bungee jumping was little, the same thing certainly cannot be said of parachute jumping. It really takes a lot of courage here. You take a small plane and after about ten minutes you are in the sky ready to be launched into the void. Good luck, it will definitely be worth it.

Or you could make something with your hands (and with your heart), and if you really want to think about it, you could make an accessory to your gift.

Stand for cupcakes

Prepare some muffins or cupcakes and give them to them together with a wonderful cupcake stand. Now all you have to do is eat them all 🙂
What to give a friend for her birthday?
In addition to all the proposals you find above, here are other ideas for his birthday.

For a friend who loves wellness

Chocolate massage

Who doesn’t love to relax? And she imagines doing it with drops of sweetness, using hot chocolate to relax the muscles and experience new sensations, involving all the senses. An excellent alternative are relaxing full body massages.

Aroma Diffuser

Give him an aroma diffuser to fill the room with his favorite fragrance and enjoy moments of relaxation. Some offer the possibility of playing background music and changing the light to give a chromotherapy effect.

Good beautician

Give her a voucher to go get her face waxed and cleaned by the beautician, or if you have the skills and want to do something nice and light, you can propose yourself as an improvised beautician.

Good Hairdresser

All hair care products are also always very popular. How about giving away a voucher for cutting and styling at the hairdresser?

Blender for Smoothie

If she loves smoothies, you could give her a smoothie blender, ideal for preparing excellent fresh fruit smoothies. Perfect for a healthier and fresher diet.

Sorbet maker

In addition to healthy smoothies, why not give her the opportunity to prepare fruit sorbets at home? Excellent to eat in the summer instead of supermarket ice creams.

For a friend who loves to travel

Cork world map

He will be able to hang the cork world map on the wall of his room, and fantasize about the next trips by marking the places he would like to visit and pinning old memories of past trips.

Cork globe

One of the most beautiful gifts to give to your best traveler friend, a beautiful globe where you can write down the places she has visited, and those she would like to visit later. Great piece of furniture, perfect for serial travellers.

World Map Wall Sticker

The adhesive world map is great for decorating a traveler’s room, but only if she has somewhere to put it.

Rigid suitcase set

Is it time to change your suitcase? Give a set of travel suitcases, or evaluate the purchase of the trolley only, so as to be with her on every trip, even when you can’t physically be there.

For a TV-series addicted friend

TV series box set

If she loves watching TV series, give her a box set of her favorite TV series or a new one that you’re sure she’s passionate about. But now you will lose it for a few weeks…

Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+

Do you love watching movies and TV series in streaming? Then you could give her a subscription to a streaming platform like Prime Video , Netflix or Disney+ . Always a much appreciated gift for any occasion.

Fire Sticks

Consider giving the Fire Stick, an Amazon device that allows you to send streaming video from your smartphone, computer or tablet directly to the television.

Popcorn machine

And while she’s watching a movie, why not make her eat some delicious popcorn freshly prepared with this popcorn machine?

For a friend who loves to wear makeup

Eyeshadow palette

If you wear make-up, you will love an eyeshadow palette, perfect for experimenting and finding the best colors for your look, in every season of the year.

Pochette with professional brushes

A pouch with professional brushes perfect for organizing your make-up station and for having the tools you need for a perfect make-up.

Makeup Products

For a perfect make-up, you have a lot of proposals to choose from, special nail polish, foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, professional pencil, and many other make-up products.

Makeup organizer

Is your makeup station super messy? Help her tidy up with this makeup organizer.
Illuminated Pocket Magnifying Mirror

A practical and comfortable pocket and illuminated magnifying mirror, ideal to always carry with you. You never know when to touch up your makeup.

For a friend who loves clothing and jewelry

Women’s shirt

A timeless classic gift, a blouse to use on any occasion. Simple but it can help you when you don’t know what to give to your friend.

Women’s Shoes

You never have enough shoes in your closet. Sneakers, heels, ankle boots, there is something for all tastes and budgets. But be careful not to get carried away and buy a pair for yourself too.

Women’s bag

Who doesn’t want to have a closet full of bags? They are never enough, and a women’s bag can be a perfect idea when you are a little undecided.

Women’s Jewellery

Already have a bracelet? You could give her some charms to add, perhaps with a symbol that represents your friendship. Otherwise you can think about making a simple necklace or earrings.

Friendship bracelet

Speaking of jewelry, a friendship bracelet is a cute and undemanding idea, capable of expressing to your best friend how you feel about her. Even on a small pendant you can write beautiful sentences, capable of touching the heart.

Best friends necklace

It would be very nice to give a necklace with two hearts one inside the other, which symbolize your two who now, after a long time, beat in unison.

Women’s watch

The women’s watch is a world of its own, and depends a lot on the person’s tastes. Find out first what his favorite models are so you have a guideline, and above all, if he wears watches.

Women’s sunglasses

Sunglasses are a practical accessory to combine with your outfit, and just like clothing, you can never have enough of them.

Women’s perfume

Perfume is something very personal. Also in this case, inform yourself well about her tastes, but if you find the right fragrance, she will always have you with her.

Subscription to a fashion magazine

You could give her a subscription to a fashion magazine like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue, … just to get some new ideas for future purchases

Toe socks

Have you ever tried toe socks? They could be a cute gift idea for your friend. Could be…

For a friend who loves to cook

Set To Decorate Desserts and Cakes

Cook lots of desserts but still need to improve the aesthetic part? Maybe a nice set of pieces for decorating desserts and cakes could give her the right push to improve.

For a friend who loves music

Record player

If you love listening to music without headphones and with a slightly vintage style, the turntable is a great product to give as a gift. Of course, consider buying vinyl from your favorite author as well.

Bose SoundLink

If you love listening to music using your smartphone or PC, Bose speakers are wonderful. Professional sound quality, modern design and without the need for cables.

Beats headphones

For excellent sound quality, Beats headphones are great. If she loves listening to music in peace without disturbing anyone else, you’ll make her very happy.

For a sports friend

Women’s Sportswear

Do you go to the gym or go for a run? Give her some activewear, like a tank top, leggings, and socks. It always comes in handy.


A crazy gift if you are a sportsman. Apparently it looks like a simple digital watch, but in reality it is capable of monitoring your physical activity (duration, calories burned, distance if it has GPS, and much more) and also of interfacing with your smartphone to receive whatsapp messages, calls , notifications. All worn like a normal watch.

Fitness Monitoring Bracelet

The activity tracker bracelet is worn like a normal bracelet and monitors daily physical (and otherwise) activity, a perfect idea both for those who practice physical activity and for those who are a little lazy and need to be encouraged.

More gift ideas for a friend

Kindle PaperWhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best eReaders out there, ideal for reading digital books without straining your eyes. Even those who love paper books have had to change their minds. Lightweight, compact and can hold thousands of books in one device.

What to get your best friend for her 18th birthday

You will surely find many valid ideas among the special gifts proposed at the beginning of this article, but among the gift ideas for your friend’s 18th birthday, you could also choose:

Photo book

Having photos taken by professional photographers will make her feel a bit VIP, as if she were a photo model. If she’s comfortable with this kind of activity, her 18th birthday is the perfect time to try it.


If she likes grand surprises, having fireworks shoot off (in complete safety) is sure to blow her away.

Designer bag

A designer handbag is a gift she may not get every day. Why not do it on this important occasion?


For a reckless friend, an action camera like the GoPro will be a valid adventure companion.

Last minute cruise

A mini cruise for you two could be an alternative idea to celebrate, or even just to take a few days off.

Overnight in a Tree House

Take a few days to enjoy nature away from it all by staying in a tree house.

A Night in the Castle

Just like in fairy tales, stay in a real castle for an experience out of the ordinary.

Jazz evening

Go to an evening with Jazz music, a vintage and very pleasant experience.
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What to give a friend with 20 euros?

In addition to the ideas above, here are more you might want to consider:

Book to read

If she loves to read, you could give her one of the latest bestsellers or a little-known book. In any case, don’t forget to write a special dedication

Anti-gravity cover

A cover for your smartphone to attach it to the mirror while you make up.

6 vinyl look coasters

Vinyl Coaster” description_gift=”If she lives alone, coasters in the shape of vinyl records could give a vintage touch to her table.

Scratch off map

A nice scratch off map to mark places she’s been before. Scratching on the country visited will color it. As you travel, and therefore scratch the map, it will become more and more colorful. With the wish that I can color it all!

Extendable selfie stick

The selfie stick could be a valid ally for your next trip, ideal for taking selfies and thus having a souvenir in each place visited. There are all types, even those that connect to the smartphone without the cable.

Rotating coffee capsule holder

If you already have a coffee maker, then a beautiful and practical capsule holder could come in handy.

Facial products

If she loves taking care of her face, there are so many ideas and products that could make her happy. From face masks, to moisturizers, to a face massage brush, to anti-aging creams and much more

Recipe books

Is cooking your passion? Give her a recipe book from her favorite TV character.

Bazinga Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

If you love Big Bang Theory, the “bazinga!” it could be the perfect gift.

Colorful Butterflies Wall Sticker

A wall sticker will be a nice idea to decorate his room. All you have to do is find the best design for her.

I Love Biscuits Mug

The cookie holder cup is ideal for enjoying your favorite drink accompanied by a few sweet biscuit cuddles, sitting comfortably on the sofa.

White Cat ring holder

Never know where to put your rings? Did you spread them all over the place? This cute kitty could be his salvation. His tail is a great ring holder.

Purse organizer

We all have a Mary Poppins bag, too bad it takes us hours to find something… with a bag organizer it won’t be a problem anymore.

What can I get my best friend for Christmas?

In addition to all the ideas above, you might think about doing:

Plush Blanket

Give a nice plush blanket (not fleece), it will keep you incredibly warm throughout the winter, especially when lying on the sofa watching TV. Maybe personalize it with a photo that is important to you two.

Moleskine Agenda

Is she a precise girl or totally disorganized? Give her a Moleskine diary for next year.

Secret Diary of Friendship

Give her a diary that she will only use for anything related to your relationship. Start writing the first pages yourself, adding photos, memories. Who knows how nice it will be to read it together in a few years.

Original mugs

Try to take a look at some original mugs too, there are some really cute and original ones, perfect for Christmas.

Unicorn Pajama Costume

A fun pajama that only a true friend will appreciate, to wear strictly for both of you in your pajama party evening.

Best Friends Cover

A cover for her smartphone, able to make her understand how much she is important to you, with writings such asBBFSisters and personalize with your names.

Pack of herbal teas

You could give her a box of tea and herbal teas to drink curled up on the sofa in the evening while watching a movie or talking about your dreams and plans. Maybe accompanying everything with biscuits or chocolates.

Solidarity Gifts

Your special relationship will allow her to understand the real value of a solidarity gift, so both of you will give your contribution to finance research or to help humanitarian campaigns.
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