Gift Ideas for Her: all the possible ideas for Woman

Looking for gift ideas for a woman? Here are the best gifts for her, find now the perfect gift idea for a woman, surprise her and make her happy.

All Gifts

For a woman who loves clothing (i.e. all)

Looking for a gift idea for women? If you’re in trouble, focus on an item of clothing. There are so many items of clothing for her that it will be hard not to find something cute.

If you don’t know her tastes or you’re afraid of giving the wrong gift, give her a gift card to buy clothes in one of her favorite physical or online stores, such as H&M, Zalando or Amazon for example. A little impersonal? Yes, but at least he won’t have to go back to the shop to exchange the gift.

Don’t like the idea of ​​the gift card? Go with her to shopping, you’ll be her living ATM for a few hours (obviously with spending limits).

Another excellent gift idea for her could be shoes, low, sports, ballet flats, ankle boots or better still, heels.

Choosing the right shoe for a woman (and hitting the spot) can be complicated. Then you could focus on any type of accessory, especially on bags. As you well know, women love them.

Watches are also excellent.

And what other accessory do women love?

Jewels. Give her a jewel and her eyes will sparkle with emotion and you certainly won’t go wrong with the gift for her.

Gift experiences


Are you looking for a gift idea for her that will surprise her, something particular, original?

One of the most appreciated women’s gifts are experiences, take a look at the ones we have selected for you.

They are something different from the classic material gift for her, something she doesn’t expect but will appreciate, and they allow you to give emotions and subsequently, memories, that will remain for a lifetime.

An example? My partner really enjoyed the hot air balloon ride, an hour-long flight pushed by the wind, a few meters high, immersed in silence and with a breathtaking view. Fabulous!

If you never know what to give a woman, one experience you can focus on is a wellness experience. Guaranteed success. It can be an afternoon in a spa, in a well-known wellness center, or even just relaxing massage sessions, they are all much appreciated gifts for her, perfect for any occasion.

Gift Ideas for a woman in love

Do you love this special woman? Then prove it.

Make her feel as important as she did when you first started your relationship by planning a great day out. Start by bringing her breakfast in bed, and then organize a day in the mountains/sea or lake with a nice picnic. Then prepare yourself a romantic dinner by candlelight, flowers, background music and good wine. It will be a memorable day.
You could take her to the place where you first met, or where you asked her to marry/engage you, and then give her the actual gift.

Give her a star by giving her her name. It is a very romantic and symbolic gift. In addition to the certificate of originality, you will also receive a pendant engraved with the coordinates of the star itself and the name of the relative constellation. Every time she looks at the sky she will always think of you.

Use this Light Box Lamp to write a personalized message. You have 3 lines to be able to make her feel important.
You could write your names and an important date for you.
You could write adjectives that describe it positively.
You could write that you love her!
Surely the message will arrive in an original, clear and bright way.

Another gift idea for her could be a canvas print or a Tonki of a photo of the two of you, your family or a place you are particularly fond of.

Organize a real photo shoot, for lovers.

Love chocolate? Then personalize some chocolates with your photos and writings, it will be a sweet surprise.

Among the many gift ideas for women, you could choose to give her a cuddle, a chocolate bath for two, 90 liters of edible hot chocolate awaits you for a magical moment together.

If you are looking for something very romantic, spend a night among the stars or have an aperisushi in a spa with massage, it will certainly be it. And if you get the chance, take this lucky woman for a few days to Cinque Terre in Liguria, it’s a wonderful and very romantic place.

If you prefer that she decides what kind of experience to have, give the Smartbox box set a day for us.

Gifts for a woman looking to relax


One of the most popular gift ideas for women ever: a moment of relaxation to switch off, she deserves it.

Anyone needs a little healthy rest, to take time to dedicate to themselves, body and mind. You will see that with a relaxing gift you will surely hit the mark.

A great gift idea for women could be a princess day, that is everything a woman wants. Especially one’s wife, who perhaps between children, husband, work and hobbies can no longer find the necessary time to dedicate to herself.

To make her relax, take her to a spa, or give her some regenerating massages. Even better if you accompany her on a day dedicated to complete relaxation, an experience to be enjoyed as a couple but at the same time regenerating.

Gifts for women who love to cook

If she loves to cook, the best gift idea for her is probably a good cooking class, perhaps with some famous chef, just to steal the secrets of their recipes.

One of the most popular gifts for her among cooking lovers is certainly the multifunction robot, an increasingly essential appliance for those who love to cook, an ally capable of saving a lot of time in the preparation of everyday dishes. Among the most famous there is certainly the Thermomix and the Moulinex Companion.
If you are looking for an important gift for her for a birthday, wedding or Christmas, this is the one you should aim for.

If you follow television, you could also give away the books of television personalities.

Another birthday idea for a woman (also perfect for an anniversary or an important date for you) could be to take her to dine in some starred restaurant, so she can have a unique culinary experience and understand up to what level she could arrive with commitment and sacrifice. It’s a bit like taking a kid who plays football to watch a football derby at the stadium.

There are truly an infinite number of gift ideas for women who love to cook.

Gift ideas for women who love to travel

What do you think of a nice holiday to get away from everyday stress? If you want to save money, organize it yourself by looking for flights on sites like eDreams and accommodation on sites like Otherwise go to the classic travel agency near the house.

If you don’t have the possibility to spend too many days, even a single weekend is always welcome, especially if in a romantic city .

Take her to a romantic weekend, win her back every day. It is one of the most appreciated birthday gifts for her, but it is also suitable for special occasions such as an anniversary, Christmas,

An excellent gift idea is also a scratchable or cork world map where you can hang photos of places you have already visited and write down those you want to visit in the future.

For any type of travel, a waterproof smartphone case could always come in handy, as well as an extendable selfie stick.

And to keep her company, the Kindle should never be missing, an eReader that can contain hundreds of books in electronic format.

Alternatively, a nice, vintage and romantic gift idea for a woman could be a tour on a Vespa (old model) among the Sienese hills, a truly original experience.

The technology lover

If she is passionate about technology, rest assured that she will love to receive a latest generation smartphone or a good laptop, or perhaps those that also become tablets. They are excellent gift ideas for women on birthdays, or on classic occasions such as Christmas, graduation.

If she also loves design and follow fashion, any Apple product could be fine.

Another gift idea for her could be a Smartwatch, an intelligent watch, with functions very similar to those of a smartphone but wearable comfortably on the wrist.

For the forgetful (therefore for anyone) who lose any object around the house every time, Sticknfind could be useful, which allows you to find lost objects in the house.

See all the tech gifts we’ve selected.

Gift ideas for her: the photographer

If you want to impress her and she loves photography, you could give her a voucher to have her best photos printed by the photographer, or why not, print her most beautiful photo on canvas.

For my wife’s birthday, I gave her our photos printed on Tonkis, and I must say that it was a very appreciated gift. Now they are all hanging in the living room.

Gifts for a woman who loves to read

If you are looking for a gift for a woman and if you know her favorite author, you could give her the latest book that has just come out, otherwise you could be in a similar genre, but be careful she may have already read them all!
In this case, take a look at the best-selling books of the moment, maybe you’ll find something different from the usual but that could strike you just the same.

And if she also loves technology, give her an eReader, they are excellent and allow you to hold hundreds of books in just a few grams of weight.

Does she often read in bed? Try something original like these reading glasses for lying down.

These invisible shelves for books are also wonderful.

What to give to a woman who likes to have fun

If she loves to have fun and try new experiences, a glamorous gift for a woman could be a flight in a hot air balloon. Stupendous. One of the best experiences of my life.

You could give her tickets for an amusement park like Disneyland.

Or take her on a mini go-kart race.

Is it unmanageable in the morning? Then the shhh mug is the right gift.

If she loves cookies, there are some great pillows, like the Snowdrop Cookie Pillow.

And what about the wonderful magical unicorn slippers? Gorgeous. And if she is a unicorn lover, then take a look at all the unicorn gift ideas .

For a woman who loves music

Is she a woman who loves music? The best gift you can give her is to take her to her favorite singer’s concert, perhaps in a comfortable position close to the stage.

An excellent gift idea is the portable audio speaker that can also be connected via bluetooth with smartphones and computers.

If she loves jazz music, take her to a jazz dinner at the Blue Note in Milan or at the Cotton Club in Rome.

If he uses earphones a lot, give him something original like glowing earphones or shoelace earphones.

Gift ideas for women: the sporty one

The most popular gift idea for a sporty woman is the GoPro, the action camera par excellence, ideal for shooting videos and taking photos even in extreme conditions.

If you want to try a crazy treat, try a tandem parachute jump or bungee jumping.

For a slightly more relaxed gift, you could let her try a quad bike ride, a really nice experience for everyone. In this case it could drive both her and you, to spend a few hours in a different way.

For a woman who loves being immersed in nature, give a gift of Nordic walking.

If he cares a lot about his figure, give him a heart rate monitor that connects to his smartphone, to check what kind of training he’s doing and how he could improve it.

Still nothing? Give her a few hours of fun in an adventure park.

Or focus on classic technical clothing, it’s always very useful. On the Decathlon website you can find all the material for sporty women you want.

Gifts for a woman who loves TV series

Is she a woman who loves watching TV? An excellent gift idea could be to give a box set (perhaps in a limited edition) of DVDs or Blu-rays of her favorite TV series. The problem is that you will then lose it for days and days!

Alternatively, a Netflix subscription could also be excellent.

A very useful device could be the ChromeCast, which allows you to transmit audio and video in HD streaming from your smartphone or laptop to your TV, without any wires!

For a woman who… everything else

Do you love taking care of your body? Then you could give her creams, make-up, accessories, bath salts, masks, beautician vouchers or even hair care products, including straighteners.

Or, you could give away anything related to his hobby, at least you’ll go without fail.

Do you love crepes and Nutella? Give the I Love Cooking Crepes kit as a gift, he’ll be thrilled.

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