Gift Ideas for Him: all the possible ideas for Man

Here are some gift ideas for men, lots of original and classic gift ideas for him, for every occasion. Find the ideal gift for every need.

If you don’t know what to give a man, you’ll find it here.

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Surprise him spending little

Do you want to give something he would never expect to receive, something that surprises him, and possibly without spending too much?

Then take a look on Groupon, you will find original gifts that you would never have imagined giving at discounted prices, even 90%!!!

For a man who likes clothing

Give a piece of clothing as a gift, you will find hundreds for all tastes and budgets, with excellent discounts. There are so many clothing (even for women) to lose your head!

You could give him a shirt, a jacket, a T-shirt, a nice sweatshirt, or the timeless jeans. If you’re in a more intimate relationship, you might consider giving away boxer as well.

Shoes are always very popular, elegant or sporty depending on his style.

If you love clothing, you’ll certainly love accessories too. You could give a nice elegant watch, a belt or a wallet.

If you usually wear sunglasses, well, they could be another gift idea for men .

For a man who likes to have fun

Does he love to have fun, try new experiences and feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins? Then you give away an experience, something you would never buy yourself.

You know, man is in love with engines and speed, why not give something themed as a gift?

Experiences such as driving a Ferrari, a quad excursion or rally driving are excellent.

If he loves two wheels there are also safe driving courses for motorbikes or a more relaxing tour on a vintage vespa.

If he loves to fly, you can count on a tandem paragliding flight, a splendid ride in a hot air balloon, an experience as a pilot of a real airplane (such as a Piper or Cessna) or a helicopter. Alternatively, the professional flight simulator option remains valid.

For the more extreme man, you could give a parachute jump, a bungee jump, fly emotion, or a nice day rafting.

Does he love being the center of attention? Give him a professional photo shoot day.

Does he love untouched nature? Let him spend a day as a shepherd in the mountain pastures, or give him a trekking with a guide.

Does he love the sea? Give a sailing boat excursion.

Does he like to eat out for dinner? Take him out to very special dinner, such as dinner in the dark, dinner with a crime, dinner on the tram and many other original dinners, a simple but always appreciated gift for him .

Still nothing? See other experiences to give, or rely on classic gift boxes.

For a man who likes to travel

A nice holiday to switch off is what we really need, right? Depending on your budget, give a weekend in an important city, a romantic weekend in an Italian city or in a farmhouse, or even a few more days in an all-inclusive solution, perfect as a gift idea for men.

You can also use to book a room.

A very useful gift while traveling could be an external battery for your smartphone, which, as is well known, never lasts as long as it should. In addition, you could also take a look at the solar charger for smartphones.

For those who travel by car, the idea of ​​a car coffee machine could be a super gift.

If he loves listening to music while traveling, you could give him an mp3 player or some nice wireless headphones.

A really interesting gift could be the cork globe where he can mark the places he has been. Alternatively, you could opt for the magnetic, cork or “scratchable” world map.

If he loves reading, as well as giving him one of the best-selling books of the moment, you could also give him an excellent eReader like the Kindle Paperwhite.

For a man in love

If you love this man, give him a photo book with your best photos, or just take the best one and print it on canvas. or customize the cover of his smartphone. There are lots of gift ideas to personalize with photos .

If you are looking for a symbolic but very original gift, name a star, giving it the name of your man. In addition to the certificate of originality, you will also receive a pendant engraved with the coordinates of the star itself. Every time he looks at the sky he will think of you forever.

If you want to exaggerate, give a photo story of love, a professional photo shoot for a couple.

Do you want to give him a stuffed animal? Then check out for a giant teddy bear! Otherwise, the classic cuddly soft toy with a little heart is always a pleasure!

For a technological man

There are so many gift ideas for a tech man.

If you have a good budget, you could give a laptop, tablet or smartphone. A LED monitor, a pen drive or an external hard drive could also be useful.

Other less expensive tech ideas might be the sleep and activity tracking bracelet or a smartwatch.

If he never finds the keys or other objects, give him an object finder. Via a smartphone app it will be possible to locate the various objects in the house.

Also consider giving away a game console like the PS5, so you can organize nice evenings in the company of your friends.

See more tech gift ideas.

For a man who likes relaxation and well-being

One of the gifts for him that is going great is definitely a day at the spa. You will have a new and regenerated man. Maybe put the icing on the cake by accompanying it all with couple massages or a chocolate massage.

There is also an interesting experience, a romantic aperisushi in the Spa with a couple’s massage.

If you care a lot about nutrition, you could give away some electrical appliances such as an extractor, steamer or centrifuge for fruit and vegetables, or even a book.

For a sporty man

For a sports-loving man, there are countless gifts to choose from.

One of the most appreciated gifts is certainly the GoPro and its accessories, the action camera used to capture photos and videos at any time and in any condition.

Whatever sport you practice, you will easily find accessories to give away. For example, if he plays soccer, you can give a uniform for playing, a pair of soccer shoes, a ball, … but also something inherent, such as a voucher to be able to play on his favorite pitch.

If he plays a sport, he probably also has a favorite team (or athlete) from that sport. Here you could give away the uniform of his favorite team, a ticket for the stadium, a season ticket, an autographed t-shirt, …

If you practice running, you could give the band with a watch that detects heart rate and many other information, or some nice running shoes or the iPod shuffle.

If he likes to swim, check out for an “underwater” mp3 player.

For whatever activity you practice, a good sports bag could come in handy.

For a man who likes to cook

Is he a man who loves to cook?

Surely you could give away a recipe book, but if you want to do things properly, a good practical cooking course will be greatly appreciated.

Together, you could also make him a chef’s jacket or kitchen apron to use on important occasions.

He will most likely need a lot of accessories in the kitchen, get some. And if he loves to prepare desserts? Here, you are spoiled for choice among utensils, trays, moulds, plates, risers, …

And finally, those who like to cook also like to try some dishes prepared by professional chefs, perhaps Michelin-starred, so take them out for dinner as well.

For a man who loves to read

Well, a book by his favorite author or the genre he is most passionate about could be a great gift. Or take a look at one of the best-selling books of the moment.

If you also love technology, give an eReader, a digital book reader. In a single device, it will be able to load thousands of books, and their price is often lower than that of books printed on paper.

If you just want to give a little gift, you could stay on a cute bookmark, a bookend or glasses to read while lying down.

For a man passionate about music

For the music lover, a great gift could be a concert ticket from his favorite singer, or on a smaller budget, the latest music CD he has produced.

Other gift ideas could be good headphones, perhaps wireless, to listen to your music anywhere without being disturbed.

Also a good idea is a good wireless or docking-type speaker to spread your favorite music throughout the house.

And for those who are often on the go or a little more sporty, there is always the classic mp3 player.

The vinyl disc-shaped placemats or coasters are also nice and cute.

Finally, also a beautiful evening with an aperitif accompanied by a pleasant jazz background music.

For a man passionate about photography

Does he love photography? A very useful gift could be a good photography course, as well as a book.

With a good budget you can buy a reflex camera, otherwise a bag for all the equipment would be perfect.

An instant camera is also excellent, to give that vintage touch sought by many people.

Have you already taken many shots that you are particularly proud of? Then print them on canvas, or give them a voucher for 100 prints.

The backdrop for the photographic studio could also be very useful.

Another gift idea could be a mug in the shape of a camera lens.

For a man who loves to watch TV

Is he a man who loves to watch TV sprawled out on the couch? Perfect, with a good budget you could focus on a new large LED TV (more than 40″).

Alternatively, a necklace from his favorite TV series or some excellent DVD or Blu-ray film is perfectly fine. Or, opt for a Netflix subscription.

A home cinema stereo system would also be perfect.

A very precious device and recommended as a gift idea for him is the Ez-cast, which allows you to watch videos from your smartphone, tablet or PC directly on the television, without cables.

Everything should be accompanied by homemade popcorn with the practical bags found in supermarkets or using the popcorn machine.

A tray for eating on the sofa is also very convenient.

No sofa? Then take a look at this armchair plus footstool.

And for the really super lazy, even the remote controlled light bulb would be wonderful to avoid getting up/sitting down from the sofa to manage the light.

For a man who works in the office

Sometimes in the office the right attire is essential. Give a suitable item of clothing such as an elegant suit (jacket and trousers), or an accessory such as a tie or the classic briefcase.

If he spends many hours in front of the computer, give away an office chair, an ergonomic keyboard or an ergonomic mouse.

If the office doesn’t have one, a coffee maker could be the salvation. And to keep drinks warm, take a look at the cup warmer with USB socket.

For those who want to use wireless as little as possible, an excellent idea are powerline adapters, which allow you to access the internet using the ethernet cable via the normal office power line and not via wireless.

For a man who loves decor

Is he a man who likes well-finished furnishings?

A good idea could be wall stickers or paneled canvas paintings , but only if he has large free walls.

The glass chessboard is also very beautiful and a great piece of furniture.

To stay more classic, you could focus on something from Thun, such as a clock, a frame, a calendar or a lamp.

And surely, he will be very attentive to cleaning, so the robot vacuum cleaner could be a very welcome gift.

For a man who loves coffee

For true coffee lovers, you could give away a new coffee machine, including a complete set of cups.

Otherwise, even a good amount of capsules, pods or roasted ground coffee will be much appreciated.

For a man who… everything else

Is he a man who loves wine? He gives a decanter, a set of wine glasses or a bottle holder, as well as a bottle of excellent wine.

Does he love making things with his own hands? Give DIY tools as a nice toolbox.

If he has a cat, a footrest kennel might be a good idea.

You can also try giving away a drone, a mini helicopter, or rather, a quadcopter.

If you want to do something alternative, here is an alarm clock that runs around the house or other particular alarm clocks.

See also other special gift ideas to give to anyone.

Last minute gift ideas

Do you have to give the gift urgently and can’t afford to wait for delivery times? Either you run into some big shopping mall and cross your fingers, or you go for impersonal but always useful gifts such as gift boxes.


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