Gift Ideas for Male Friend

Not sure what to get your male best friend? Do you think he knows you so well that by now any gift from you is obvious and banal? Impress him with one of these gift ideas for a male friend!

For the risk-loving friend

Is adrenaline in your best friend’s DNA? A little bad.

You can organize a bungee jump, a test flight, a paragliding experience or an angel flight. Don’t worry! All these things are not very expensive and there are many sites that offer cheap and safe coupons.

The best thing is to buy something he has never done, blindfold him and bring him directly to the scene. This will increase the excitement and leave a lasting impression. Even better would be to do it together but if you’re cowardly, at least make yourself useful and take some souvenir photos!

For the nerd friend

Video games and TV series are your best friend’s bread and butter? Well. You can give him a box set of his favorite show (perhaps a limited edition) or focus on design objects such as sheets, clothing, themed cups.

If you want to be less traditional, why not buy a Mini Arcade Machine with 240 games inside? It will be a very welcome throwback to the 80s.
And always on the Arcade theme, even a mini console with a retro look is perfect. Small and pocket-sized.

If science is his thing, you can get him a watch with the planets moving according to the time. A detail that no one has!

For the fellow Star Wars lover, the 3D Effect Death Star Lamp is something special and one that is sure to be treasured. Or, by the way, the tetris lamp is colorful and fun.

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For the sporty friend

Sports friends are those who live with a very specific philosophy: move or move. If your friend loves the gym, you could give him an annual pass or a Decathlon voucher for sporty shopping.

If, on the other hand, he plays a specific sport, you can give him a symbolic object such as a t-shirt autographed by his favorite athlete, a pair of unobtainable sports shoes or a ticket for a match /sporting event. Even buying new equipment is not a bad idea, but you need to know what to buy (brand, type, weight, etc.).

And if you love winter sports you can bet everything on humor and buy ski goggles with fun prints. Make him a werewolf or a skeleton, you’ll see that he won’t be separated from it anymore.

An activity tracker could be a great gift for a sports friend. Thanks to the data collected, he can understand how to improve his form and if he is doing a good job of training.

For the nice friend

Funny gifts can always put you in a good mood, you and your best friend know something about it. For years you have been giving each other the most humorous things to laugh, so don’t change course.

Gift him the basketball basket for the bathroom so when he’s on the toilet he’ll know what to do.

Or you can get him toilet paper with printed 50 dollars sheets!

You have been friends for many years but he doesn’t seem to be able to put more than 3 beard hairs? Get him a hat with a built-in wool beard. An object that he has depopulated on the web and that will make him fascinating and self-ironic.

Or go classic and have two themed t-shirts printed (for example: stupid friends for life) to wear in bad times.

For the friend who loves cinema, music and books

Your best friend really is a music ace. He knows all the bands and loves listening to new sounds, that’s why giving him vinyl is always optimal. And add a portable turntable with audio jack to it, and you’ll be his hero for life!

If you love listening to music before going to sleep, there are musical pillows that work without earphones but simply with a cable connected to your smartphone, mp3 player, etc.

As accessories for the kitchen, there are vinyl-shaped coasters on the market, ideal for giving something different and that all your guests will envy.

Or the vinyl-shaped clock, a staple of the house that distances itself from the classic boring clocks.

Amazon vouchers are also ideal, so as to let him choose what to take in peace. The latter are also good for DVDs and books.

If your friend loves cinema, you can also focus on something more particular like cushions with caricatures of cult films (for example Pulp Fiction).

For books, you can take something close to your heart like your favorite book (perhaps by adding small post-its inside the pages where you explain significant details) or focus on something less emotional with fantastic book holders vinyl shape.

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For the friend who loves cooking

Don’t know what to give to an aspiring chef friend? There are many gifts for cooking enthusiasts: from books to cook kits, from aprons to tools. You can get him a chef’s hat and coat with his name on it by hand, for example.

You really are spoiled for choice but if you want to make a fun gift you can make ladles in the shape of a drum stick. If your friend is a lover of this instrument, he won’t do without playing between a pastry and a soufflé.

If he reads recipes from the iPad, you can take a lectern, so he can be comfortable while preparing something good.

If he’s an avid Star Wars fan, you can’t not get him the Darth Vader kitchen apron!

If, in addition to cooking, he loves to eat, you can give him a dinner in a starred restaurant, perhaps one of his favorite.

For the friend who works too much

There’s no way around it, no matter how hard you try to make him relax, your best friend is a workaholic.

In this case you can buy him a nice relaxing wellness program with massage included, so as to detach him from stress and regenerate him for a few hours, perfect as a gift idea for a special friend. You can buy a coupon on a site by checking the reviews before finalizing the purchase.

Or, alternatively you can take care of his health by giving him objects that lighten his work like the USB lamp, comfortable and ideal for lighting up working nights.

And if he’s the classic boy always on the phone, you could opt for a solar charger, Ideal for charging multiple phones without clogging a single electrical outlet.

In times of high stress, nothing is more relaxing than a neck or head massage. There are portable massagers on the market, perfect to keep in the office and to use in times of high tension.

For the DIY lover friend

There are many kits for DIY lovers. From tools to materials, up to specialized books.

If he loves wood you can get him a set of gouges, or give him everything he needs to devote himself to painting.

You could also build a coffee table together for his new home or any other piece of furniture that will embellish his alcove. It will surely be an opportunity to be together and the result will be a daily memo of your friendship.

There are many ideas and you have to probe your friend’s tastes, otherwise you’d end up giving away something useless that would end up straight in the attic.

For the friend who loves aesthetics

If your friend is always perfect and elegant, you have several arrows to your bow.
You can give him a cut from his barber, a session from the beautician or an item of clothing.

If you know he loves a certain brand you can get him jeans, a t-shirt, a shirt. Or get him a beautiful travel tie holder, but only if his work requires him to be elegant and travelling, perfect as a friend’s birthday present.

A very particular idea is to hire a beautiful personal shopper, giving her a predefined budget, with the task of accompanying your friend on a frenetic shopping trip dedicated to him. If he really loves fashion, he’ll appreciate your gesture.

The mood of the last few years is to grow a beard and keep it groomed, your friend has embraced this trend and has almost become a geek of the genre. In this case, a beard set is what you need. Convenient and portable, it contains brushes and scissors that are essential for the hygiene and care of beards and moustaches. It can also be used both at home and on the go.

If he’s a shoe-obsessed guy you can get him a shoe cleaning kit, perfect for travel.

For the animal lover friend

Let’s face it, you are best friends but sometimes you had the impression that he put his Fido first. Nothing wrong with it and maybe it’s the right occasion for a themed gift idea.

You can get him a new name-stamped dog bed, a distinctive collar, or an annual supply of kibble.

If you want something more intimate, you could give him a tattoo in the shape of his pet’s paw or give him an experience in a pet SPA (a SPA center open to dogs). The idea of ​​a dog bell is also useful, especially if your dog goes out alone and doesn’t know how to knock on the door when he comes back.

For the smart friend

If his passion is mathematics, a nice gift for a friend is a mathematical wristwatch, where every hour is indicated by a complex operation that will amuse him.
Even the Einstein watch is smart, beautiful and elegant. A perfect idea for a guy like him.

If he loves sudoku you can get him toilet paper with sudoku printed on it, so he’ll be locked up in the bathroom for hours without even realizing it.

How about testing his stubbornness and challenging him? Among the most beautiful and fun gifts for friends, organize an Escape Room and, through riddles and cunning, show them who is the smarter of the two!

And speaking of riddles, you can season the gift with a fantastic treasure hunt to find it. Try to put him in difficulty and test his intelligence!

For the beer lover friend

Is one of your habits to meet to taste new unknown beers? Have you visited all the breweries in the city and the list has shortened so much that soon you won’t know what to do anymore? Don’t lose heart and buy him a beer fermentation kit. In this way you can indulge yourself and create different types of beers, if you want to complete the gift add customizable beer mugs. You can put your names, your caricatures or whatever you want.

For wild parties, get a beer-shaped inflatable to fill with ice and always keep the bottles chilled.

And if your friend is the fastest drinker in the West, then the beer holster must be his!

Another original gift idea for the best friend is to get him a complete package for the Oktoberfest, perhaps going together and having a unique experience that neither of them will forget.

For the friend who loves to travel

Don’t know what to give to a travel-loving friend? If his goal in life is to travel, you can get him a voucher in a travel agency and let him choose the destination or you can focus on less expensive gift ideas such as a scratch map. This map has all the continents imprinted on it and you just have to scratch off the ones you’ve already visited. The result is a lot of fun and it’s an incentive to travel to be able to permanently clean the map and say that you have traveled all over the world.

If you want to give him something to keep on his desk, you can opt for a cork globe, whose continents can be marked with a simple thumbtack.

For a special friend, a nice travel diary is also a useful thought, because it’s one of those things that always slips into a bag. By pinning his notes in his diary, he will be sure not to forget anything and to have an eternal memory. He reminds us that “verba volant, scripta manent”.

The path of a journey is beautiful but sometimes uncomfortable. Take care of his rest by giving him a portable pillow.

A luggage scale is also a good compromise. An inexpensive but very useful gift, especially in order not to run into any airline fines!

Speaking of bags, did you know that there are travel bags that open up and become a comfortable wardrobe complete with shelves? Definitely a good idea if your friend is traveling for a few days and doesn’t have the time or inclination to always unpack.

Or the smart suitcase with GPS included, to never get lost, even when the cell phone battery is flat, perfect as a gift for a friend.

If your friend is precise you can get him a travel organizer so as to divide the various accessories in an orderly and simple way.

Or a microfiber towel for him, which takes up little space and can be essential for a quick clean at the airport.

For the friend of a lifetime

You have spent so many years together that you recognize each other as brothers. Seal this friendship with a leather bracelet engraved with your initials. Don’t be afraid to sound too romantic, lifetime memories are worth sharing.

For a special friend, you can also make a collage with your photos or, much more fun, you can take your first photo together and redo it with similar clothes and poses. The result will be laughable.

In a technological age like this, everyone has videos together, let alone two best friends. Take all the videos, cut only the most important parts and edit them together. Now, share it on his wall on his birthday, seasoned with a personalized wish. Shall we bet a tear will escape?

If you are two tough guys, then you could opt to give him a tattoo or even make one as a couple. For example, choose a symbol that represents you like a soccer ball, your city logo, your favorite quote. In short, mark on your skin how much you love him.

For the adventurer friend

Backpacking, looking for the next adventure! Your best friend loves nature and discovering new pristine places, which is why it’s ideal to give him a backpack with his initials printed on it. A unique gift in the world!

Even a survival kit can be very useful as it is small, cheap, but has all the tools to overcome adversity.

A water bottle with a printed globe is also useful, both for hydrating yourself after a long walk and for reminding yourself that the world is too big to stop!

If you want to do something more expensive, you can give him an adventurous holiday with you, in a location waiting to be discovered (but get the help of a travel agency) and go on an adventure together, this will strengthen your friendship and cement special memories in the memory of both.

And even in a remote forest, a coffee is never refused. This is thanks to the mini espresso machine. Compact, convenient and portable! Ideal for caffeine addicts.

For the guy who seems to have done it all in life, pick up a 100 things to do in life poster. Bet there’s something he hasn’t done yet?

In short, you really have an infinite number of objects that you can give to a friend and the final advice is this: try not to rest on trivial things.

Concentrate on the small details of his life, on the hidden sides of his character or on his wildest passions. The best gifts for a special friend are those that are personalized and unexpected.

Remember that a gift is not beautiful because it is expensive! A gift is beautiful because the person giving it is special!


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