100+ Anniversary Gifts: the list of ideas

Are you looking for anniversary gifts because you don’t know what to give? To save your life and not drive you crazy, we have collected 100+ anniversary gift ideas, a day when you will celebrate the love you feel for your partner.

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The ideal gift?

Take the time.

You are caught up in this too hectic life that you are unable to carve out some time for the well-being of the couple.

An hour, an afternoon, a day, a weekend away from stress, work and daily commitments can be the perfect gift.

Name a star

If you are looking for a symbolic but very original gift, give a star, giving it the name of your love. 

In addition to the certificate of originality, you will also receive a pendant engraved with the coordinates of the star itself. 

Every time she looks at the sky she will always think of you.

Personalize some chocolates

Does your sweetheart love chocolate? Then you could personalize some chocolates, perhaps by writing your wedding date, how old you are and your photos. 

A really tasty and original keepsake, great for surprising your partner.

Love weekend

Spending time with your girlfriend is always pleasant, even more so when on vacation.

Therefore, giving a romantic weekend for an anniversary is one of the most loved solutions by all.

You will have many choices that you can make according to the tastes of your girl.

Art cities, trips to the countryside or seaside holidays alone in our country you have hundreds of ideas to make those two or three days in the company of your love unique.

Among the most popular destinations, there are certainly hotels including wellness centers and spas, where you can spend the weekend in complete relaxation and without worries.

Lightbox lamp

The Light Box Lamp allows you to leave a message to your love. It’s a perfect anniversary gift, without breaking the bank.

You could write your names and date of engagement or wedding, or you could just write that you love him. And if maybe you are thinking of asking to marry you, you could write “will you marry me?” and at the right moment you will only have to light the lamp and kneel down.


Dinner cannot be missed on your anniversary day. Search or organize yourself a candlelight dinner, a romantic dinner, a dinner on the tram, or why not, rent a real home chef for one evening. If you need some ideas, here are some original dinners.

Prepare a homemade cake, perhaps in the shape of a number, with a surprise inside or accompanied by a short video with photos from the beginning of your relationship to today.

After dinner, go for a walk, go to your seat, lie down on the floor and look at the stars in your arms…


Give real emotions, make your partner try a new experience (strictly for two).

Otherwise, here are some really cool experiences:

  • Balloon flight
  • Sailing cruise with overnight stay
  • Helicopter flight
  • Quad excursion
  • Rafting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Driving a Ferrari
  • Parachute jump
  • A shepherd’s day

Something special for winter, a romantic night in an igloo.

Or give one of the best gift boxes.

If you love music, it would be nice to give concert tickets to your favorite singer.

If he loves sport, tickets to a particular event, or even taking him to the retreat of his favorite team would be enough.

If you love the theatre, two tickets for the show you would love to see.

Even two movie tickets are more than enough.

Finally, why not also dedicate yourself to the couple’s relationship in a night in a hotel or motel?

Couples massage

As we mentioned earlier, a weekend dedicated to physical well-being and health is always an excellent idea.

However, if you cannot leave your city for any reason, you can always book a couple’s massage session in a wellness center in your city.

It could offer pleasant moments of relaxation to you and your partner, helping, at an affordable price, to solve any physical problems.

You will also be able to give the gift a special meaning, if in fact you give it to a girl who is constantly experiencing stressful or tiring moments, your gift will represent a message that will make the birthday girl understand that she should allow herself a moment of relaxation and away from stress.

A romantic dinner

Imagine the scene, you and your girlfriend alone having dinner together to celebrate your anniversary.

A candlelight dinner, perhaps in a very romantic place, has always been one of the most appreciated solutions by many couples, who choose this experience every year to celebrate another year of love.

To make everything more romantic, you could pick up your girlfriend without saying anything and surprise her by taking her to a restaurant with a breathtaking view, which as soon as you arrive will have the task of welcoming you with an elegant welcome toast.

So surprising her with a romantic dinner could make the evening magical, making a special proposal could instead make it unforgettable.


Excellent then a day in a SPA wellness center, a day at the spa, and why not, add some regenerating massages. There is nothing better than a little well-deserved rest.

Photo and video

Prepare a short video where you collect all your photos to date.

Print your favorite photo on canvas.

Create a collage of your most beautiful photos.

Create a personalized calendar with your photos, and write a sentence for each month.

Print a huge couple photo made up of tons of smaller photos.

A crystal heart with your image engraved inside.

For the less sappy, a classic photo album with the funniest and funniest photos you can find.

A digital frame where you will already insert your photos, but also a simple digital keychain always with your photos.

Photo album

Every love story is made up of special days, which come back to our minds every year to remind us of the beautiful moments spent with the person we love by our side.

So why not enclose all the best moments spent together in a photo album.

If you are undecided about the gift to give for your anniversary, opting for a photo album could be particularly appreciated and romantic.

So don’t be surprised if, while leafing through this special album of your memories, tears of emotion came out of your eyes.

Custom pillow

We close this special list with a nice and very personal gift.

By choosing a photo and adding a dedication to your partner, you can personalize a commonly used object such as a pillow, in the hope that whoever uses it will remember you before falling asleep.

Movie night

You, your partner and a beautiful romantic comedy.

This would undoubtedly be a wonderful way to spend the evening of your anniversary, an anniversary full of fun but also of love.

If you want to make the evening even more special, you could then book a dinner or alternatively an aperitif.

Personalized wine bottle

If you want, at least for a year, to stand out from the crowd and give a particular object as a gift, you can always opt for a bottle of wine complete with personalization.

By buying a vintage bottle, you can in fact personalize it by letting yourself be carried away by love and making an important dedication to your girlfriend.

If, on the other hand, you can’t find the right words, you can always embellish the wine label with a photo with an important symbolic value for both of you.

By adding a cassette or maybe another useful accessory you could make it perfect!

A good book

If your girlfriend loves reading, a book will always be welcome.

Obviously it implies a perfect knowledge of your girlfriend’s tastes, who otherwise would be given an unappreciated book as a gift.

So make sure you know her literary knowledge perfectly and give her a book that might interest her.

To make everything even more romantic, you could give her a book with a strong meaning for both of you, perhaps making her a dedication of love inside.

Netflix subscription

A similar speech to that of the book is the subscription to the Netflix streaming platform.

Streaming platforms allow you to watch movies or TV series from your own home at any time.

Maybe you’re already imagining winter evenings spent on the sofa hugging your girlfriend covered by a warm blanket watching who knows what movie or series.

So if both you and your girlfriend are movie buffs and want an excuse to spend more time together, a Netflix subscription could really be for you.

Leather wallet

For women, but especially for men, the wallet is a truly indispensable accessory.

Despite this, many men neglect it, so if you don’t know what to give your partner, a wallet could be something useful and appreciated.

By purchasing it, however, you will have to keep in mind the tastes of your man, since in addition to practicality, the tastes of the person must also be taken into consideration.

To make the gift even more special, you could also personalize it with a dedication or the owner’s initials.

Men’s fragrance

One of the hallmarks of every man is undoubtedly the perfume.

Giving a bottle of perfume could therefore be a highly appreciated gift from your partner.

Furthermore, by giving a fragrance, you can allow the wearer to always remember you, and do so without forgetting about style.


Like the perfume and the wallet, the watch is also a truly essential male accessory.

You will be able to choose from many options, which your partner can combine with casual, elegant or sporty looks.

Therefore, giving an accessory of such importance could allow those around you to add your personal touch to everyday clothing and to celebrate a special event such as an anniversary by giving away an object of great value.

Headphones for music or records

How many moments have you spent in the company of your love song?

If your partner is a great music lover, you could give him a pair of headphones to hear it better.

At the moment there are countless models of excellent quality headphones on the market, capable of isolating the sound and transmitting it to the ear in the best way.

If, on the other hand, the birthday boy has a record player and loves listening to music as he once did, giving him a vinyl record would undoubtedly surprise him positively. Tip: try a love song!

Personalized lighter

Intended for smokers only. Indeed, a smoker will greatly appreciate a lighter, as an indispensable and useful object several times a day.

You can buy one in well-equipped tobacco shops or more easily on an internet site.

The advice is to personalize the surface of the lighter with an engraving depicting a special dedication.

Professional beer tap

Object that since it was put on the market even to the most, has enjoyed immense success.

Obviously not recommended for teetotalers, a professional beer tap will ensure that you and your man can enjoy a typical pub draft beer, but enjoying it at home.


Every man in step with the times has the obligation to own a smartphone with all the features.

Although it is particularly expensive, a new mobile phone would be the right gift to make your anniversary special.


Why not organize or create something yourself?

Otherwise look for a handmade gift on Etsy.com.

Take her to the lake, the park, the mountains for a nice picnic just for the two of you.

Fill the house with candles forming a path that leads to you or the gift.

Fill his car with post-its where you will write something on it. Or fill the trunk with balloons inflated with helium, so once opened they will fly away and the gift will appear.

You could prepare a cd with your favorite songs (or just one song) where you (or only you) sing too.

Create a starry sky in his room, or an inscription (“I love you”).

Write a small book with your story and put your photo on the cover.

For the more extreme, prepare a banner to hang under his house.

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What better occasion to give your partner a jewel to wear on the most important occasions.

There is no shortage of choice: necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets are a perfect solution if you want to give a welcome object without spending too much.

Knowing your girlfriend’s tastes, you can in fact be sure of buying a silver or even gold jewel by spending a relatively low amount, but still making a great impression.

If you bought a bracelet or necklace, you can add a further touch of romance to the gift.

You can give her anything, but if possible, have the anniversary date engraved inside.

You might be thinking about making wedding rings.

Or two rings with your initials to swap, or even the heart-shaped necklace that splits in two.

But also the Dodo pendant or ring.


If you haven’t found anything yet, you can always save yourself with clothing. Give something to wear on the same day of the anniversary, a shirt, heels, a jacket, a bag, but even a perfume can do.

Save at the last

If you remembered at the last moment and you don’t know what gift to give for the anniversary, you can bet on a gift card from her favorite store (Zara, H&M, …) or give her a day of shopping, where obviously you will be the gift card. credit, or on some other last minute gift idea .

A bunch of red roses

The most classic of anniversary gifts, the universal symbol of love: the bouquet of red roses.

If you are a true romantic and your partner loves old-school expressions of love, red roses, perhaps with a dedication, are the right idea to properly celebrate this important date.

Perhaps to be found directly at his workplace, or at the restaurant or even at the bar where you will go to have breakfast.

It is able to express not only love, but also passion, desire and why not, eroticism.

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Anything techy is fine for boys.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget a nice underwear set…

However, giving an anniversary gift is not a simple matter, since the gifted object must not only please, but also arouse particular emotions.

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