Original gift ideas: 200+ original gifts for every occasion

Original gift ideas: 200+ original gifts for every occasion. Here you will find the right idea.

A great place to find an original gift at really good prices is definitely Groupon. Often with a small budget you can make a great impression, you could give away something that you would never have thought of giving away or that you would never have been able to afford.

We have divided the original gift ideas into 4 groups, click on the links below to quickly go to the desired section:

Experiences – the most popular original gifts

An experience gives emotions and memories that you will carry with you for a lifetime. If you want to give something original, experience is the original gift you are looking for.


One of the original gifts suitable for anyone, a truly unique experience, the flight in a hot air balloon. I did it, it was really exciting and fun, suspended in the void in an infinite silence that surrounds you. Fantastic.

Are you looking for an original gift suitable for any occasion that will amaze your better half or your loved one? Then give away a tram dinner.

Does he love cars? Let him drive a Ferrari on the track! A short but intense experience. It is one of the most appreciated original gifts by practically all boys and men.

Name a star by giving it its name. It is a very romantic and symbolic gift. In addition to the certificate of originality, you will also receive a pendant engraved with the coordinates of the star itself and the name of the constellation. Every time she looks at the sky she will always think of you.

Are you looking for something adrenaline-pumping? Give a tandem paragliding flight, you will enjoy the silence of the sky and the vision of beautiful landscapes. An experience for everyone, to try!

An unusual but wonderful gift. Give a wonderful day as a shepherd, a day immersed in nature at more than 2,000 meters, in contact with cows, cheeses, dogs and amazing shepherds. I tried it, it’s a truly unique experience, to be tried at least once in a lifetime. If you’re looking for an original gift, this is it for sure.

Among the many relaxation gift ideas, a particular gift is the chocolate bath, a cuddle for your partner for a tasty experience.

One of the most particular original gifts ever, try a truly extraordinary experience, give a night in a romantic igloo!

Have fun all together by giving away a paintball game, a real battle with shots of … colored paint.

For the more adventurous and eager for real adrenaline rushes, an original gift idea is definitely bungee jumping.

A day of fun, relaxation and adventure at sea, the excursion on a sailing boat.

If he loves motorcycles and cars, let him try a mix of both, a nice quad excursion. I had fun like crazy! This is also one of the original gift ideas suitable for anyone, teenagers, adults and children (obviously the latter only as passengers).

Have you always dreamed of flying an airplane? Well, it’s time to actually do it. Impress the lucky one with this original experience of flying as a pilot.

Otherwise, start slowly by gifting the Boeing 737 flight simulator experience in a professional simulation booth.


Probably the most desired original gift idea by all women, a day as a princess. You will have all to yourself a hairdresser, a make-up artist and a beautician, ideal for a day in which to indulge in relaxation and play with your Look.

Are you sea lovers? Give an aperitif by the sea, a romantic moment together to celebrate your love and enjoy the view.

A nice horse ride is just a wonderful idea to spend a few hours in contact with nature and with these fantastic animals.

Entertainment and cuisine: a special combination, a show dinner or a murder mystery dinner is an excellent idea.

Do you love Rome? Give this wonderful treasure hunt among the fountains of Rome, an unmissable opportunity to discover its beauty and retrace its history!

Does he want pure adrenaline? Among the many special gifts, give her a tandem parachute jump, if she has the courage to do it…

Give a wine course, from olfactory analysis to food-wine pairings, to approach this fascinating world with a professional approach.

Do you love being in the kitchen or are you amazed by TV programs like Masterchef? A cooking class or a pastry course will certainly be a particular gift that is different from the usual.

Does she love being photographed? How about giving away a sexy photo book or a photo modeling day, in a real photo studio!

Original material gift ideas

If you are looking for original “material” gifts, here are some ideas.

The cinema light box lamp allows you to write short customizable messages, so as to give a unique touch to your home, but above all, it is perfect to use in photos to be published on social networks. Super recommended!


If he loves coffee and is always travelling, to avoid making him go into coffee withdrawal, give the portable coffee machine as a gift!


Here is an original gift idea for her, the splendid magical unicorn slippers, to give a touch of magic. Also check out all the unicorn gifts .


For new mothers this kangaroo sweatshirt is a perfect idea!


When it’s raining outside, use the magic of the Reverse Unicorn Umbrella to protect yourself from the rain.


Do you love taking pictures with your smartphone? So why not give away a smartphone lens!


For true serial sleepers, here’s an original gift idea , an alarm clock with a target, the alarm goes off only once the target is hit with the gun supplied.

If you are passionate about photography, you will appreciate the Polaroid toilet paper holder. More original than that?!?!


A splendid bioethanol table fireplace is what is missing in the house to recreate a welcoming atmosphere.


For those who love to be hugged, here’s a particular idea, an arm-shaped pillow!


For the careless you can give the Stick and Find, a system that allows you to find any object lost at home. Great.


For the lazy ones, who don’t even bother turning the spoon in the cup, here is the self-stirring mug!


Otherwise, if he reads or watches TV in bed but never finds the ideal position to not get tired, give glasses to read or watch TV lying down, a very special gift.


If the cork globe isn’t enough for you and you want something bigger, a great original gift is the cork world map, you’ll make a great impression!


For lovers of relaxation with a nice background music, here is a cushion with built-in speaker. It will also be a great alarm clock!


If you love making things big, surprise her with a super gift, the giant soft toy is what you’re looking for.


You can also give a truly original cartoon photo frame as a gift, and maybe even insert a few photos yourself.


Do you love correct coffee? This mug with mini flask is ideal..


For sushi lovers, a sushi bazooka with perfect shape (finally).


Do you think you are a superhero? You can’t not give him Superman’s bathrobe!


For people who are sensitive to the cold, give a teddy bear that can be heated in the microwave, an original and useful idea.


Of all the original gifts, if you love photography and vintage style, an instant camera is what you’re looking for.


Does your house lack a clock and love music? Give this original clock in the shape of a record player as a gift.


For beer lovers, the kit to make beer at home.


Do you live in a mosquito-infested place? Try this one, a mosquito repellent bracelet .


Love to barbecue at will? The Homer Simpson grillset should not be missing.


For true vintage style, gift coasters in the shape of a vinyl record.


If you want to make a memory for your her that will last forever, check out for a 24-karat gold rose.

Original personalized gift ideas

Personalizing an object is also an excellent idea for making original gifts. Perhaps it is the best method because you will have to put your own into it, and this will be greatly appreciated.

Love chocolate? Then personalize some chocolates with your photo and writing. It will be a sweet surprise.

An excellent fun and romantic gift idea, a photo puzzle, to give not only to the little ones but also to the older ones.

Make the recipient emotional by giving a photo book, tell your story through photos.

Personalize the cover of his smartphone, at least he will always have you with him.

Or personalize a fabric photo album.

Give something he can always wear, customize a t-shirt.

Customize a pillow.

If he always carries his tablet or laptop with him, personalize the case with a photo of you together.

Here are more gifts for tech enthusiasts.

Print your favorite photo on canvas (or in canvas panels) to “hang that keepsake” in her home.


If you are thinking about “where to find original gift ideas online?”, here is the answer: on this page.

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