Tech gift ideas: gifts for technology lovers

Looking for the best tech gifts to give to tech lovers? Great, you’re in the right place. Here are some technological gift ideas by type of person.

For everyone

Give a Smartwatch, an intelligent watch, with functions very similar to those of a smartphone but wearable comfortably on the wrist. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, allowing you to manage calls, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Calendar and also works as a music player.

How about a sleep and activity tracking braceletMonitor sleep: total hours of rest, time to fall asleep and number of night awakenings, also works as an alarm clockTrack physical activity: steps, distance traveled, calories burned, active and inactive time. Interesting device to understand how you spend your days, and what you can change to improve your lifestyle.

For the forgetful (therefore anyone) who lose any object around the house every time, the key finder could be useful,  which allows you to find lost objects in the house. In practice, these are stickers to be applied to objects and through a smartphone app it will be possible to locate the various objects.

I often use the television as a giant laptop screen (I connect them with the HDMI cable), so I find it very useful to be able to control the computer from a distance, perhaps lying on the sofa, using a wireless keyboard and mouse. Not to mention the absence of cables even in a normal workstation. Maybe the recipient of your gift appreciates these conveniences too.

If you want something “futuristic,” here’s a nice laser-projection keyboard. Projection laser displays keyboard layout on any matte surface. The transmission takes place instead by means of an invisible layer of infrared rays; each time the projected key is pressed, the infrared reflection is detected by a three-dimensional optical sensor which establishes with extreme precision which key has been pressed.

Alternatively, for the clean freaks, there’s even a  sink-washable keyboard!

Everyone needs a pen drive (better known as a “USB stick”). In addition to the classics, why not focus on sympathy?

For those who are often on the road and need coffee, here is a portable coffee machine, wonderful 🙂

For lovers of reading and technology, you can give a Kindle Paperwhite, a real digital ebook reader, with a screen that does not tire the eyes (it’s not like reading on a PC) and with the possibility of buying thousands of books at much lower than the paper versions.

If you don’t have a “Smart” television with Google Chromecast HDMI, you can stream videos and music to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, using your home wireless connection. Works with YouTube, Google Play Movies and Music, and many other apps .

The main gift for all technology enthusiasts is obviously the smartphone, among which  the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy stand out ) now an integral part of all of our lives. An increasingly indispensable accessory (since you have to recharge your smartphone every two by three), is the external battery for smartphones.

For those who go by car, a smartphone holder is always handy.

For the winter, it might be a good idea to give some touchscreen gloves for iPhones.

The second most appreciated technological gift is definitely a new laptop. There are all types, prices and performances. Therefore, try to understand how it will be used and what performance it needs, on the basis of which you can decide what to orient yourself on.

Macbooks, the super computers from Apple, are very popular, of which you can also find wonderful stickers for the macbook keyboard.

For those who suffer from the cold, in winter heating gloves with USB connection to be connected to the computer could be very useful , never again frozen hands while working.

And since space is never enough, it also gives away an external hard drive.

If your screen size is too small, please look at a separately purchased LED monitor.

Instead of the classic laptops, you can think of giving away a tablet (among which stands out the iPad, the  Galaxy Tab and even the Kindle Fire), a cross between a laptop and a giant smartphone.

If you already own a laptop, tablet, eReader or smartphone, well, then you can always opt for a tablet bag, or tablet cover,

Do you have an old printer? Maybe it’s time to replace it with a wireless multifunction laser printer, so you can print from anywhere in the house and without the hassle of “fouled heads”.

An interesting device for those who are always on the move could be the IRIScan BOOK, a portable scanner that digitizes documents, magazines and books in A4 format anytime, anywhere.

For those who love to see and review their photos, a beautiful digital frame could be the perfect gift.

For those who love to have their home always clean, a robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice.

For those who do not like wireless for electromagnetic fields, the PowerLine adapter may be very useful , which allows the ADSL line to pass through the normal electrical sockets in the house.

For meteoropaths, a great weather station is perfect.

For Sportsmen

For those who practice an extreme sport, it’s always nice to film yourself during the activities. So why not give away one of the best sports cameras around: the GoPro or its thousands of accessories for GoPro.

For those who pay attention to their line, a smart heart rate monitor could come in handy .

For those who love cycling, you can give glasses with an integrated video camera, but also a smartphones bike holder.

A little music for company during physical activity never hurt anyone. An  iPod shuffle could be the right idea, small, not bulky and with a good memory capacity.

For movie lovers

For movie lovers, a home cinema system will certainly be appreciated (perhaps it would also be better to acoustically isolate the room to avoid arguments with the neighbours).

Watching a film on a small screen is not the best, why not watch a 40″+  LED TV? Or, even better, through a nice video projector.

Keep in mind that to see a film in good quality, you could give away a DVD player or better still, a blu ray one .

For those who don’t want to disturb, there are also wireless headphones for listening to television. In this way the room will remain silent and the audio will be heard only by him.

For music lovers

For those who love listening to music, a good audio system will certainly be appreciated. Today there are both traditional systems and wireless audio systems , very comfortable (they are wireless!).

Alternatively, smartphone speakers are also fine.

On-ear headphones are also back in fashion to listen to your own songs without disturbing others. Impractical, but better quality than earphones .

For geeks, I recommend taking a look at the DJ console, guaranteed fun.

For fun lovers

For console lovers, you can give away the PlayStation console, the Xbox console or the Nintendo Wii (which is good for the whole family), or the related video games. Surely, consoles are one of the most desired technological gifts by children / teenagers.

Among the most popular games of the moment I suggest you take a look at:

  • Fifa or PES (football)
  • Gran Turismo or Need for Speed ​​(cars)
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Call of Duty
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • More games …

For those who love music, entertainment and technology, a good idea could be an interactive t-shirt that lights up according to different sound intensities.

For photography lovers

How about a smartphone lens?

For the home or office

For those who love plays of light and a relaxing atmosphere, take a look at the Philips Hue Starter Kit, you can control all the lights in your home directly from your smartphone, choosing the color of each one! Alternatively, you can stand on a Philips LED table lamp that reproduces all colors.

For those who always want to keep an eye on what’s going on at home, a wireless video surveillance camera is perfect. Through an internet connection, it can be networked, so you can see and hear what is happening at home wherever you are.

Take a look at a smart home kit that allows you to control all or some home devices at your convenience, allowing you to turn on or off home electronic devices wherever you are.

If there are too many cables lying around your desk, a nice cable organizer might come in handy.

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