Wedding gift ideas

Here are some wedding gift ideas for all budgets. So if the bride and groom don’t make a wedding list, it will be a little easier to find the perfect gift to celebrate their wedding, including original gifts, experiences and much more… even taking into account their economic possibilities.

First, always take a look at the wedding list of the bride and groom.

Here are all the gifts they need or want, and they are certainly much appreciated gift ideas (since they have chosen them).

If you want to go without fail, choose a gift from their wedding registry.

Otherwise, there are plenty of wedding gifts out there. Here are some ideas.

Original wedding gifts

Are you looking for an original wedding gift? Something different from the classic wedding gift, something that can amaze the newlyweds? Here are some possible ideas.


I love experiences, they give emotions and memories that last for a lifetime. Why not give away some couple experience to start their new life together in the best possible way?

Hot air balloon

A balloon flight is something extraordinary. A fantastic experience that anyone should try at least once in their life, perfect as a gift idea for a wedding.

I personally felt an incredible sense of freedom, pushed by the wind in complete silence a few hundred meters above the ground. Very emotional.


An excellent original idea could be to give away dance lessons or a cooking class for two. No more excuses, we cook together at home.


If they’re adrenaline junkies, try something special like a tandem parachute jump.


If, on the other hand, they are people who love relaxation, you could give them a couple’s massage, entry to a wellness centre, entrance to the spa or even better, a few days in a farmhouse with an attached wellness center and a candlelit dinner.

Still on the subject of massages, there is a particular chocolate massage that could be the right idea.


Even if they hate photographers after the wedding (at least for a few days), give them a couple photo shoot or a maternity photo shoot (if they’re expecting a baby).

For the House

Pillows, blankets, t-shirts and couple mugs

There are many gifts for the couple, nice and original.

For example, I find the cushions for couples excellent, where a stylized couple in love is depicted. The drawing is half on his pillow and half on her pillow, so that to be complete, you have to put the pillows side by side. Wonderful and nice idea as a wedding gift.
In addition to the pillows, there are also blankets, T-shirts and mugs.

Wall Stickers

I love them. They are stickers of more complex phrases or designs, to be pasted on the wall. It’s an original idea that few would expect, but which can be a great decoration for your home.

Photo frames and frames

Photos are one of the most beautiful gifts that last over time for the memories and emotions they give even many years later.

Why not give one of the most beautiful photos of the two of them or of a place they particularly love, framed in an original photo frame, for example a mural? I find them wonderful.

Another great wedding gift idea could be to have a frame personalized by engraving a phrase, or their names and wedding date.

Digital photo frame

Among the wedding gift ideas, you could focus on a digital frame and upload the most beautiful photos you have of them and of you together. They will have beautiful memories.

Flutes and Champagne

A pair of crystal flutes and a bottle of good Champagne can be the right way to start life together.

More original ideas


Name a star, an original, unique and symbolic gift. Every time they look at the night sky, they will be reminded of the promise they made on their wedding day. Forever.


In general, any object can be engraved, making it unique. Have an important phrase or their names and wedding date engraved on any object you want to give. It will be a good memory.

DIY wedding gift ideas

Personalized framework

There are tons of ideas for creating a picture to use as a gift on your wedding day. You can do it yourself with programs like Photoshop or get help from a friend.

All it takes is a little imagination and patience to get one of the most original handmade gifts for a wedding.

Or pick up a key at some flea market, frame it in a picture and write “This is the key to a happy marriage.”

Another idea, frame their wedding invitation and give it to them, it will be a beautiful memory that they will treasure for life.


Buy a personal diary and start filling the front pages with anecdotes from their history.

On the first page write a dedication written with the heart and leave all the other pages blank. They will complete the “diary of their life together”.

Hand painted

If you’re good at painting, give them a painting of their favorite photo and write a nice dedication on the back.

Honeymoon Survival Kit

A nice gift, a honeymoon survival kit, including flutes, bottles of sparkling wine, spray cream, honey, strawberries, candles, massage oil, hot dice and some precautions…

Picnic kit

Give them their first married picnic. A picnic basket, two flutes, a bottle of sparkling wine and a blanket. They’ll take care of the fun.

Classic wedding gift ideas

Here are some classic wedding gifts.


The honeymoon is a very personal gift, it is better to avoid doing it on your own. Excellent instead if it is present in the wedding list. You can give the whole trip as a gift or just a part or simply of the excursions. It will be one of the best memories of their life.

For the House


The paintings , especially those on canvas and panels, are very beautiful and can be a good gift to decorate your home.

But pay attention to the color and personal tastes of the spouses, otherwise they risk going to the attic to collect dust!

Home appliances

If they still don’t have anything for the home, among the many wedding gifts you can focus on one of the branded appliances, they will last for many years and above all, they are useful.

If possible, buy them in shops close to where the bride and groom live or on the internet on authoritative sites such as Amazon, no earlier than 30 days from the wedding day, so in the case of double gifts, they can easily exchange it for anything else.

The great classics are the coffee machine (like a good Italian), vacuum cleaner, iron, food processor, microwave oven and so on and so forth.


TV is always more evolvedTry asking if they need a new one and what size. In case you take a latest LED model and with integrated WiFi.

Electronic devices

You can find a lot of home electronics to use as gifts. For example, home cinema systems , ideal if they are film enthusiasts, Computers, Reflex cameras, … the problem is that technological products won’t last long.

Sheets set

One of the classic gifts for the home could be a set of sheets and pillowcases, possibly from some well-known brand such as Bassetti sheets, and with original designs and themed with the color of the room.


You can get other ideas for household items from big brands like Alessi, such as saucepans, fruit bowls, cutlery. But beware that they are still objects that vary greatly from the taste of the spouses. It’s always best to ask them first to avoid an unwanted gift.


For jewelery lovers, focus on something matching like Breil, such as necklaces or bracelets, and have the wedding date engraved inside.


If you don’t want to do anything demanding, but just say “I’m close to you on this very important day for you, best wishes”, then a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the correct meaning could be the ideal gift.

Cash, envelope and gift certificates

Cash is one of those “gifts” that is good for any occasion, and especially for marriage, when you are afraid of giving double or useless gifts, they can be the ideal gift. They are impersonal, it is true, but certainly very useful and appreciated by all.

A little money can always be useful, especially when you start living in a new home, and you leave the couple free to buy what they really want. There are also some original ways to give away cash, all you need is a little creativity.

If you really don’t like the idea of ​​making the classic envelope, you can also think about giving a gift certificate to his favorite store, both physical and online. Excellent ideas are for example Prenatal (if a child is on the way) or Amazon.

Avoid shops that are too fancy or where they can hardly find anything to buy.

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